Palestinian proposal to UNESCO: Western Wall is part of al-Aqsa
Itamar Eichner
Published: 16.10.15, 13:20
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1. A really bright idea.......
willy   (10.17.15)
if you want to just add fuel to an already bad situation. Who on earth thinks up things? So much for the respect we used to have for the U.N.
2. UNESCO has no authority to determine sovereignty
c   (10.17.15)
unesco is a cultural organisation and has no authority to determine any country's borders or sovereignty.
3. Abbas wants to be most important man in the world
zionist forever   (10.19.15)
If he thought he could get away with it Abbas would declare Tel Aviv to be part of his state and condemn Israel for building in it. The only reason Abbas at this time is suddenly trying to get UNESCO to recognise the Kotel as part of Al Aska and condemn the building of the cable car etc is because he wants to tell the world he to know he is the most important man in the world and to drum up popularity on the streets because the people are turning on him, Abbas might want to resign but not until he gets his state he wants created via a UN resolution personally drafted by him.
4. 2
zionist forever   (10.19.15)
Its not about what authority UNESCO has its to give him political ammunition. Lets say he wanted to negotiate he could say UNESCO recognises the Kotel as being part of Al Aska, Rachels Tomb as being part of Palestine etc. Its all about taking Jerusalem leave Israel with no political claim to the city. Abbas is also an expert at wrapping the west round his little finger and if he demands something and explains his warped justifications he gets.
5. rewrite history
willy   (10.20.15)
After the Balfour Declaration, the Zionist institutions began to emphasize the Western Wall as a national symbol of the Jewish people, in addition to its religious significance. This action led the Mufti of Jerusalem to claim that the Jews intended to take control of the Western Wall, so he declared the Wall  with no religious or historical substantiation  a holy Moslem site. This wall of stones, to which the Muslims ascribed no importance, was thenceforth called El Buraq, after the name of the magical horse of the Prophet Mohammed.
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