Soldier murdered in Be'er Sheva bus terminal shooting, Eritrean lynched
Ynet reporters
Published: 18.10.15, 21:50
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Netanyahu has the solution to this constant terror : Blah blah blah ..
2. G-d IS testing you, Chaverim . . .
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (10.18.15)
He is WONDERING WHEN Israelis will DEMAND THE RIGHT TO CONCEALED CARRY! Arab sç•m are having a field day because you Israelis are UN-ARMED! The soldiers CANNOT BE EVERYWHERE AT ALL TIMES!
3. Eritreaan ? One of the "refugees" so loved by the Lefties?
ab   (10.18.15)
4. Mistranslation?
sf ,   Hadera, Israel   (10.18.15)
Surely the woman defended herself from the knife attack with pepper spray, not tear gas? Where would a random woman get tear gas from? Whereas pepper spray has basically sold out in the past fortnight in my area.
5. finish off therrorists
husma   (10.18.15)
bibi will only release prisoners who have committed murders and maimings under pressure of some half assed john kerry initative to which bibi is unable to say no to because he lacks guts period. anyone threatens and look for it,d on't stand around chatting on your cell phones and eating sandwhiches-keep your eyes open. Haniyeh and the rest of hamas are in for destruction if lieberman takes power.Start packing.
Because they can.......
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (10.18.15)
Their people are slaughtered.....
8. Valerie @ FB ,...
split   (10.18.15)
It seems that God of Israel is testing you since day one - Take good look in the mirror and do some soul searching maybe it's because of your arrogance for claiming that He's yours and you're His chosen ones ;) ,...
9. Why?
Moshe ,   Tel Aviv   (10.18.15)
Why are you still taking these terrorists to our hospital? Why are you still returning their bodies, while we are not getting back ours? When do you take of the gloves? They are animals, they are worst than animals.
10. more needs to be done
c   (10.18.15)
all those who were members of the idf with clean records should be armed. soldiers must be more attentive and never allow their arms to be grabbed. every young arab male is a suspect. this is war and they have declared war on us. arab suburbs of jerusalem should be placed under marshal law. residences must be revoked of all family members of terrorists. they must be expelled and their properties confiscated. this is war and the terrorists must not be treated as common criminals with rights of civilian defendents. ya'alon should stop making foolish comments about the impossibility of confiscating kitchen knives. it is not the knives, but those who wield them. assemble a young crew from mossad and idf shin bet with new ideas. put berghouti into solitary. he should have no contact with the outside world. arrest all inciters and hack their accounts. listen in on all phone conversations of targets. increase security forces and ask for retired volunteers from police and idf to take over desk jobs.
we live in a strange world. the west, including israel, has become soft. merkel has opened germany's borders to a million muslims.
12. Almost killing an innocent
Daniel   (10.18.15)
So apparently a totally innocent Eritrean man was not only shot, then he was being kicked and spat upon, and people tried to stop paramedics from helping the victim. I hope those who kicked the man will serve time in jail, they are a disgrace to Israel.
13. arabs are excellent on dirty terror methods
jerry   (10.18.15)
arabs excel at the dirtiest terror methods. They can outargue anyone. They understand only force. \\\isreael was borne by UN resolutions and by force, not by ben dror, haber and herzog hold hands together and lets love each other. \bibi is unfit for pm ship which is why he endlessl whines and runs to kerry and anyone else that will listen. likud should never have picked him as leader. He'slike mark regev andnothing more. bennett, feiglin and lieberman are more deicisive. Calm for calm is uselsss strategy. Hamas needs to be thrown out of gaza and into the sea. nothern branch of islamic jihad all belong in jail. Beleive me, the next election , there is no chance bibi will win, zero. since olmert, israelis have taken on the chin with the political echelon and the idf not letting loose. so it falls to israeli civilias. Finish off any attackers,
14. IDF-IAF Ranked Mightiest in the World! Yet...
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (10.19.15)
what happens to Israelis when you leave the service? Turn in your weapons and become Shtetl Fodder? Are you 1939 Germany or 5776 Eretz Yisrael? Chaverim, stop whining about "the government" and PETITION the KNESSET to emulate our 2nd Amendment! We Love You!
15. Maths is the answer
ky   (10.19.15)
The odds are vastly in favor of Israel as only a tiny minority of Arabs want to die. The more terrorists removed the more the odds increase in Israel's favor. Nothing is finite in this world not even the supply of shaheeds. Panic is the enemy maths is the answer
16. banish families to gaza. end benefits. confiscate property.
ralph   (10.19.15)
barbarians do not belong among us.
17. No more Mr. Nice Guy
Benji ,   US   (10.19.15)
Put the toughest bad ass in charge of Palestinian terror. Let him or her protect Israel from these savages. And kick the foreign press out of Israel. They twist, distort the truth and provide cover for terrorists.
18. Terrorists looking for softer Targets ?
With Jerusalem and Tel Aviv so highly guarded , are the terrorists looking for softer public targets? Its also time to start hitting Hamas strategic targets, as they continue to incite and support these attacks.
19. Bibi Is Not The Man For The Job
DSM ,   USA   (10.19.15)
Does Israel lack leaders strong enough to protect Jewish citizens by expelling all Arabs from Israel and blocking Arabs from working in Israel? The left will whine about such a solution but it may be the only way to stop the violence inside the state. It is bad enough the country is threatened with exterminations by other countries in the region without having to put up with internal enemies.
20. Expel the threat and enforce the right of return
Ben Temalion ,   Shilo, MO   (10.19.15)
Arabs et al and other Jew haters like you don't need "despair" to kill Jews and then blame the victim. Stop with the cycle of moral relativism and moral equivalency. Your use of the demonym "west bank" is further evidence for your support of those that come to extort, genocidal mass murder and cannibalize Jews with knives, axes, bullets, IED's, missiles and other bombs in non random acts that you never characterize for what they are
21. Re: #12
Daniel ,   Aotearoa   (10.19.15)
In my hometown a policeman had accidentally shot and killed an innocent bystander while in pursuit of an armed fugitive. The (ex-)fugitive was charged with murder. There is only one person to blame for the mistreatment of the Eritrean guy - the terrorist himself.
22. A..Hole
Yossef ,   Tel Aviv   (10.19.15)
so he deserved to dye? You are disgusting and not worth than the arabs!
23. readcbefore yoy speak mefager
pier ,   jerusalem   (10.19.15)
Eritren was confused by a racist ahole.
24. deliberate shooting
takila   (10.19.15)
Can any one of u speak about the deliberate shooting of an Innocent Eritrean refugee. The security shoot more than five(5) bullets and the news seems inappropriate and distorted toward who is the attacker and who is the victum of the head of security's mistake. DON'T COVER UP IN THE NEWS
You are so right Benji ,hostile reporters must be banne3d from reporting in Israel and spreading their hate .Israel needs a tough guy to lead it ,not a wimp like Nothinyahu .
It might be useful to check his identity. The lynching of an INNOCENT and uninvolved man at the Beersheba Bus Station is so sad and tragic.
27. One terrorist died, what about the others?
Daniel   (10.19.15)
The terrorist who killed the soldiet was shot dead. What about the terrorists who kicked a man to death? Will IDF find them and kill them? Will they serve life in prison? Or will they walk free because of their race?
28. No matter how brutal Israelis become, this will ONLY get
spyguy ,   seatle usa   (10.19.15)
much worse. 5000 years of human behavior has clearly demonstrated that groups of humans can NOT kill their way to peace. Most of the Ynet keyboard warriors are calling for more guns and more death, but in the end, these "solutions" will only make the problem worse, NOT BETTER. Israelis can NOT kill several thousands of Arabs without suffering massive harm, so trying to kill millions will just get Israel destroyed. Since more Israeli violence will not "bring the Arabs to their knees" maybe it is time to LISTEN to the Arabs and give up lots of land, water, cash (for compensation) and apologies for all of Israel's past behavior. In the end, Israel will eventually be forced to become much smaller and less powerful, so why get the best possible deal today instead of having a much worse deal forcibly imposed on Israel in the (near) future? Why is it so hard for Israeli to understand they are on the wrong side of history?
29. Arab fools
USA   (10.19.15)
They will escalate this to the point where all the Arabs in the region will be wiped out!!!!
30. Why aren't there armed guards checking people and belongings
Rivkah   (10.19.15)
before they enter the bus terminal? If it is outdoors, there should be fences around the bus terminal and no one gets in without being checked, like at hotels and shopping centers.
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