IDF soldier stabbed in fourth attack of the day
Elisha Ben Kimon, Yoav Zitun
Published: 20.10.15, 20:53
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IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (10.20.15)
coming at you? You should make a cup of tea and talk to him first. UN will suggest this right away. These guys never deserved their own state. Heck, if they did not follow their stupid Jordanian and Egyptian leaders, they would have been majority in Israel now.
2. :-) Very good work.
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.20.15) effective as Putin I Syria...
3. More Palestinian blood on Arafat and Arab List hands
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.20.15)
As long as Arafat remains silent and BRAIN DEAD by NOT calling for calm and an end to rioting NO AMOUNT OF passing the buck, finding others to blame, playing his favourite game of BLAME and COUNTER BLAME cab erase the FACT that it was their WILFUL INCITEMENT and BRAINWASHING of our young boys with HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE Day after Day after Day after Day after Day after Day afer Day any wonder they have gone beserk?
4. 2 Palestinians killed....
Glenda ,   Netanya, Israel   (10.20.15)
How do you put such a headline???? They were killed trying to kill Jews..... Who cares if they were killed?
5. Ties to Arabs must be cut. Doesn't matter how!
6. Place IDF snipers on roads
Gary ,   USA   (10.20.15)
7. arabs do not respect jews
jen   (10.21.15)
\until the jews fight back and hold their own, the arabs will not respect you, will savage you, rape you, run you down by car or truck, stab you in buses, malls, on the street. \they will grudgingly concede respect if you confront and neutralize them, not running away ina panic. \don't harm arabs or others who have been neutralized but, defend yourselves. \the police and idf will not be there except by chance.\ \going back to shalit who endured much and who has a lot of inner strength, many israelis look weak, look like haredi students while the arabs is like the6 foot mustached macho man. So israelis, toughen your selves up-gym, karate o r other form of self defense, brass knuckles, mace, shields using garbage can lids or the like, pipe sticks. \don't go down without a fight. \begin was able to make peace because israeli asserted itself and israel got some respect. \before and after there has been nothing.
8. how to stop terrorists
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (10.20.15)
The Arabs are very much against their bodies being seen in public in the nude. So I think the government should have strip searches on terrorists, dead, wounded and alive, male and female to ascertain that there are no hidden weapons. The knowledge that a terrorist will be striped totally will discourage Arabs from carrying out terror attacks.
9. 6 no, on the roofs and in windows
10. What do you expect after 60+ years of oppression, Flowers
USA   (10.21.15)
and candy. Jews have been denying non-jews civil and human rights for decades. Jews have be allowed to murders and maim Palestinians without any consequences. With approval from a government who's goal is to subjugate or exterminate all non-jews.
11. #10 Maimed/murdered when they attack Jews
Benji ,   US   (10.21.15)
20-25% of the population is non-Jewish and growing. Not subjugated or exterminated. You can crawl back under your rock now.
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