Make Rabin's memorial a national holiday
Yedidia Stern
Published: 21.10.15, 23:53
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1. Yes! totally great idea!
Rafi   (10.22.15)
2. Bad idea
George ,   Ashdod   (10.22.15)
This article is written as if the memory of Yitzhak Rabin is a unifying force. For some of us, it is most decidedly not. The Israeli left has come to venerate Rabin as if he was the messiah incarnate. If only he had lived, there would be peace with the Palestinians and we would all sit around singing kumbaya. Rabin's assassination was tragic, but also tragic were the consequences of his actions, The Oslo process began a wave of terrorism that resulted in more than 160 suicide bombers striking Israel. In case anyone has forgotten more than 1000 Israeli men, women, and children were blown to pieces. Rabin was an important figure in Israeli history, and his assassin should rot in prison for the rest of his life, but Rabin was no messiah. Making his Memorial Day into something larger is a bad idea.
3. no never. would divide. stupid idea.
ralph   (10.22.15)
4. Rabin was not the figure to bring together
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (10.22.15)
I remember well Rabin. He brought much decisiveness to Israel by splitting and putting the left against the right in a manner we never saw before. I think maybe Begin's day of birth or death is better, or Jabotinsky or even Xmas is better than honoring a man who brought hatred out in a very negative manner.
5. Sure, the very moment pigs take to the skies!
There'll come a day when the worship of this man disappears all together form our narrative.
6. Yedidia half right, half confused
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.22.15)
The need for a day on which all citizens can celebrate together is indeed evident. But the author herself reveals precisely why the commemoration of Rabin cannot serve this purpose: half the citizens hail him as a peacemaker and the other half abhor him for first importing the PLO, then blaming the right for the consequences. Is a law prof unable to think of some other individual or event that indeed unites everyone?
7. Why make Rabin a national holiday? Is it because
Suya ,   Israel   (10.22.15)
of Rabin's involvement in the the Altalena ship affair where he was behind the murder of 19 Jews?
8. And the sinking of the Atalena.
HIstory nut ,   Israel   (10.22.15)
9. You talkbackers are awful and unfair
Logic ,   Israel   (10.23.15)
1. You all conveniently forget that the man dedicated his life to Israel. 2. You all conveniently forget that he was in charge of the IDF during the liberation of Jerusalem and of the disputed territories. 3. You all conveniently forget that others adopted his two state framework - even politicians from Likud and hawks such as Lieberman! 4. While Oslo was arguably a terribly failed policy, leaders don't always follow polls or the preferences of the public. For example, when Begin was elected in 1981, I don't believe that he was elected with the mandate to send the IDF all the way to Beirut for regime change purposes, which eventually led to two decades of involvement.
10. Divisive day
Shimon ,   Poleg   (10.23.15)
My wife is a leftist who lit candles in the square after Rabin was murdered. I personally then and now do not have any sympathy for this man's politics and back then us rational right wingers knew exactly what Oslo would bring and to be honest we predicted all of what has happened right down to the eventual Jerusalem based disagreements and the inevitable violence from Israeli Arabs. A Rabin memorial day would be a recipe for many arguments in my household!
11. Responce to #9
George burn ,   NY & US   (10.25.15)
1. Rabin dedicated life of service to Israel did more harm than good to Israel(leadership during war of Independence and Altalena). 2.Rabin had a nervous breakdown during the 6th Day War and contributed nothing. Also, not following polls is not always good as we found out after Oslo. Other politicians following in his footsteps in the two-state solution idea just shows how most politicians are weak and are not real leaders. Rabin did a lousy job and should not be celebrated for it.
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