Four Israelis arrested for lynch of Eritrean during terror attack
Ran Boker
Published: 22.10.15, 12:03
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1. Will the ones who killed the Jew last night in Jerusalem
Suya ,   Israel   (10.22.15)
at Center 1 also be arrested? Or do only those who mistakenly kill non Jews get arrested? What an evil government led by corrupt judges.
2. Why I'm not surprised ??? ,...
split   (10.22.15)
They can twist it however they wish but he was shot and lynched by bunch of savages lying defenceless immobilized in a pool of blood dying and maltreated only because if the color of his skin not tragic mistake ,... We'll never know the outcome if he was attended right away instead maltreated ,... I haven't seen anything lower than this incident and hope I won't see it again ,...
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