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Netanyahu's Hitler remarks: A blatant historical lie
Noah Klieger
Published: 22.10.15, 11:03
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1. There was Telephone&Telegraph in 1930s/40s. Mufti was in
Alan ,   SA   (10.22.15)
contact with high Nazi Officials long before he met Hitler. Even as far as Hitler is concerned is there a single piece of paper proving he gave the order to kill the Jews in the KZs I read somewhere that Mufti planned extermination facility neat Nablus or Ramallah.(anyway somewhere in West Bank) If Rommel wasn't stopped in Egypt he would have opened way for Einzatzgruppen in Palastine Mandate
FO ,   Belgium   (10.22.15)
You write and I quote: "Netanyahu was raised and educated in the home of one of the greatest and highly regarded professors of history in the world". Indeed! Unfortunately, Bibi seems to be the opposite extreme of his father: not only a blatant ignorant regarding Nazism, but even worse, seemingly ignorant regarding his father's (and some other people) genius intervention during the UN creation, by introducing Article 80 in its Charter. Reminder: Article 80 of the UNITED NATIONS CHARTER reaffirms ALL the LEAGUE OF NATIONS' decisions, including of course the "MANDATE FOR PALESTINE" that gave the Jewish people the right to settle anywhere on the territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights, in order to create their INDEPENDENT STATE. A right that became INTERNATIONAL LAW, valid to this very day, in accordance to Article 80. Did someone ever hear the PM mentioning it?
3. PM
Marek ,   Praha   (10.22.15)
When someoneĀ“s people is slaughtered, no wonder one tell something in rage out of control...Netanyahu is not errorless robot. Think how to stop terror, not how to bash your PM.
4. Hysterical
Gary ,   Londin uk   (10.22.15)
The almost hysterical tone of this article betrays an obvious hatred of Netanyahu. The whole issue of "did he didnt he" (incite the Holocaust - and how much) is an interesting academuc debate. But this is really a red herring.the real point here is that Husseiin is promoted as the Palestians so-called "patriarch" . If so this is the perfect opportunity to spread the word that these people are simply the heirs and descendants of the openly Arab - Hitler axis! So who in the world imagines you make peace with heirs of such an axis
5.  Haj Amin Husseini and Hitler
Robert ,   Arsuf, Israel   (10.22.15)
Bibi comments about Haj Amin Husseini and Hitler were totally wrong. As early as 1920, in an interview Hitler gace to Joseph Hell, he said that when he came to power he would begin hanging Jews. In speeches he gave in the 1920s and 1930s he reiterated his desire to exterminate the Jews. In January 1939, he predicted that if the Jews start another world war, the Jews of Europe will be annihilated. Bibi likely made his comments in his desperate attempt to link Abbas with Haj Amin and the Nazis and the Holocaust. As usual, his distortion of history and fabrications make him appear at best foolish, at worst a liar.
6. The Zionists are responsible for thousands of Jews murdered
Suya ,   Israel   (10.22.15)
Zionist leaders openly withheld support, both financially and otherwise, to save their fellow brothers and sisters from a cruel death. The leaders of the Zionist movement cooperated with Hitler and his cohorts on many occasions and in many ways. Read "The Millions That Could Have Been Saved" by I.DombIt is an historical fact that in 1941 and again in 1942, the German Gestapo offered all European Jews transit to Spain, if they would relinquish all their property in Germany and Occupied France with several conditions. However, the answer of the Zionist leaders was negative stating that the European Jews must accede to suffering and death greater in measure than the other nations, in order that the victorious allies agree to a "Jewish State" at the end of the war and no ransom will be paid. This response to the Gestapo's offer was made with the full knowledge that the alternative to this offer was the gas chamber.
7. So the Arabs do NOT DENY that Mufti made OUTSTANDING
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (10.22.15)
CONTRIBUTIONS. He incited in the 20's resulting in the Hebron massacre (1929) and Arab riots in the 30's resulting in the White Paper which sealed the fate of European Jews. The mufti also assembled an Arab Nazi army. They were part of the occupying force in Greece taking part in the roundups of Jews there ( see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axis_occupation_of_Greece). Hitler did the rest.. In short, he was not a great humanitarian ... but a first class SOB.
8. He was planning Gas Chambers here
YNETsBlindHate ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.22.15)
YNETS blind hate of Netanyahu extends even to playing down the murderous involvement of Husseini a subject mysteriously played down and ignored by all over the years including the fact that Husseini had the blueprints for gas chambers he was to set up in the Dotan Valley near Jenin and a major factor in whipping up the hate of the Jew in Arab countries he was made an ' honorary Aryan and SS Commander broadcasting to the Moslem world to hunt down and kill the Jew but Ynet chooses its self hate as Jews and blind hate of Netanyahu over the facts as usual thankfully the public is taking them to task and the justice they deserve and that includes foremost of all YNET's credibility = 0
9. Klieger the "intellectual".
Brad ,   USA   (10.22.15)
Ha! Klieger needs to do something besides sitting around and watching his girlish hair grow. The mufti wanted Hitler to ramp up the murder of Jews. He and Hitler agreed with each other. They were both bloodthirsty bastards. So, 1mil. Jews were already dead huh? That means there about 6 or 7mil. to go before Hitler was done. The puke mufti wanted more dead Jews. Hitler wasn't moving fast enough for him. The Muslim believers say the same thing today. The Muslim believers venerate Hitler saying that his only failure was that he didn't finish the job. So what's the problem with Klieger? He's another liberal "intellectual" who overestimates himself and finds Bibi to conservative, and way to pro-Israel. Bibi offends Klieger's liberal feminine sensibilities. That means Bibi must be doing something right.
10. Hitler and the Mufti were discussing gardening
Expert ,   USA   (10.22.15)
And cookie recipes for Better Homes and Gardens.
11. The Mufti was intimately connected with the 'Final Solution'
Jake   (10.22.15)
Netanyahu's initial statement was poorly phrased, because it gave the impression that the Mufti planted the idea of genocide against the Jews in Hitler's head, which is of course false. On the other hand, Netanyahu's follow-up statement is largely correct, and Ynet should publish it. The Mufti spent the War years from 1941 on in Berlin, tightly connected to the Nazi center of power, in communication with high ranking Nazi officials - not only Hitler, but also Himmler, Eichmann, Ribbentrop , and others, and constantly inciting for the genocide against the Jews to be ramped up, and for the escape routes for Jews to be sealed. He also lobbied European governments not to allow their Jews to leave (for fear that they would end up in Palestine), but to arrange for the Jews to be transferred to "active control" in German-occupied Poland. The Mufti was also personally responsible for torpedoing a number of proposals that would have enabled Jews (particularly children) to emigrate from German-occupied Europe. Instead, those Jews ended up in death camps. Eichmann's deputy, Dieter Wisliceny, made the following statement in his written and signed deposition in prison in July, 1946 for his trial at Nuremberg: "I was called to Berlin by Eichmann, who disclosed to me that the Grand Mufti had found out about the planned action through his intelligence service in Palestine. He protested to Himmler on the grounds that these Jewish children would be adults in a few years and would represent a strengthening of the Jewish element in Palestine. Himmler then vetoed the entire action and issued a prohibition for future cases as well, stating that NO JEW WOULD BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE GERMAN-CONTROLLED AREAS FOR PALESTINE."
12. well-stated. Bibi is, always has been a despicable demagogue
Rafi ,   US   (10.22.15)
Going back at least to his 1995 appearance at anti-Oslo rallies alongside posters with Y. Rabin, z"l, portrayed in SS uniform. Netanyahu is by far the worse and most reprehensible character to have ever sat in the Prime Minister's seat: a thorough embarrassment to Israel and the Jewish people. Hardly a month goes by without some sort of scandal, rudeness, ignorant statement, deliberate exaggeration, or outright lie from Bibi. When will the Israeli electorate have had enough of this loser? (By the way, there appears to be a typo in the article: Mein Kampf was written in 1923 (not 1932), As the author correctly notes, anyone reading that screed quickly realizes what Hitler's intentions were toward the Jews... almost TWO DECADES before he and al-Husseini met in Berlin in 1942)
13. "Palestinians" were intimately linked to the Holocaust
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.22.15)
Israeli leftists, like Klieger, are furious with Bibi for dismantling their fake narrative about "Palestinians". We may never know the exact role the "Palestinian" Mufti played in the Holocaust. One thing is sure. He encouraged it, applauded it and facilitated it in every way. In fact, "Palestinian" leaders worked with Hitler to perpetrate a second Holocaust in pre 1948 Israel. This is an easily verifiable historic fact. Bibi is correct about the Mufti. "Palestinians" were intimately linked to the Holocaust. They are mortal foes who harm and murder Jews every chance they get. Than and now!
14. Shooting oneself in the foot
Bertram ,   London,UK.   (10.22.15)
Talk about playing to the gallery! Netanyahu is an experienced politician but all he has learned from experience is how to whip up emotions. He knows he is talking garbage - quite deliberately. Imagine, as one journalist observed today, this conversation: Hitler: What should we do about the Jews? Husseini: Exterminate them. Hitler: Wow! Why didn't I think of that? The theatre of the absurd.
15. What is correct
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.22.15)
It is correct that: 1) when in 1939 Germany invaded Poland, Jews were moved to ghettos (not death camps); 2) after Germany invaded the USSR in June 1941, big massacres of Jews there took place; 3) the Mufti met Hitler in November 1941 (and later contributed to the Holocaust); 4) the Wannsee conference, where the total destruction of European Jewry was planned, was convened in January 1942. So sometime in the months before Wannsee Hitler decided upon that destruction, but when can only be surmised. Most historians believe that it was before November 1941, but it is uncertain. So you can disagree with Netanyahu, but should not scream at him.
16. Desperate for an excuse ,...
split   (10.22.15)
Dude is not doing well in polls and public opinion so another wag the dog 'operation' would remove some attention of his political botchery ,... That's what the 'leaders' do to improve their image ;) ,...
17. Suya @ 6 ,...
split   (10.22.15)
Also they lied to 600.000 Hungarian Jews that they're being relocated to Jewish colony carved for them in occupied Poland, otherwise they would run and hide instead of boarding trains, buying tickets in first class and sleeping cars. What did the American influent Jews and zionists have done to save their brothers in Europe? - Nothing !!! ,...
18. Juliana Monteiro @ FB ,...
split   (10.22.15)
What research? Anyone who study and comes to different conclusion that not 6 million but less is quickly silenced, tagged as holocaust denier and thrown to jail - Raul Hilberg's (the world's preeminent scholar of the Holocaust) book 'The Destruction of the European Jews' was banned in Israel, he was declared a persona non-grata and his book never printed in English in US or anywhere, why? because after years of study and research Hilberg concluded that not 6 but 5 million. By the way Hilberg was a Jew ,...
19. Mr Klinger motive political???? Or twisting of the meanings
Avram Goldsmith ,   Concord   (10.22.15)
Mr. Klinger, See other historians position !!!! Leading historian backs Netanyahu over Mufti's Holocaust role Middle East Forum scholar backs PM's comments that Jerusalem's Grand Mufti helped the Holocaust as 'historical fact.'
20. You're all missing the point. Bibi is a boss!
Jake   (10.22.15)
The question of whether Husseini influenced Hitler's planned extermination of European Jewry (rather than wanton murders and expulsions) is not the point. Bibi has put this evil cretin Husseini on trial in the year 2015. Everyone is talking about him, and reminding themselves of his role. History didn't start in 1967, and Jew-hatred & killing among Arabs has nothing to do with Judea & Samaria. People can argue for weeks about this, the longer the better, so long as we continue talking about this evil "Palestinian leader" from the 40's, Bibi has won the narrative. We often lament how the Arabs control the narrative with lies and distortions. If Bibi is totally wrong about this, he still managed to control the narrative. Bravo!
21. of course PM is right and leftist nazi
igal solov ,   Beit Rimon   (10.22.15)
collaboraters are still murdering and lying.
22. What I got out of these posts are
JRS ,   Pittsburgh   (10.22.15)
jews will defend jews no matter how outrageous the lie and how stupid the coverup or justification. So far, the best is: Hitler and the Mufti were telegraph and telephone buddies. NOT twitters?
23. Amin Husseini definitely incited to the Holocaust
C   (10.22.15)
husseini was close friends with several very high ranking nazis, including himmler, eichman, otto skorzeny. husseini created an all muslim ss brigade which fought alongside other ss troops. after the war, husseini was charged with war crimes but france took him off the list as a favour to arab colonies. during the nuremberg trials, dieter wisliceny, adolf eichmann's deputy, testified that husseini was "one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of european jewry and had been a colloborator and advisor of eichmann and himler in the execution of the plan...he was one of eichmann's best friends and had constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures,"
24. JRS #22
Brad ,   USA   (10.24.15)
Hitler and the puke mufti also played kissyface in person. The puke mufti found a ready refuge in the Islamische Institut founded in 1942. You Muslim apologists will believe anything but the truth.
25. split #17, you've outdone even yourself
Jake   (10.24.15)
Now you claim that the 600,000 Hungarian Jews actually believed that the Nazis had carved out a "Jewish colony in Poland" for them to go to, and bought first class train tickets to go there?!?!: I don't even think a neo-Nazi would have the gall to try and get away with a such a blatant fiction as that. I've heard the controversy that the Jewish Council in Budapest failed to distribute the 'Auschwitz Protocols' document widely enough to the Jewish public, but your screed is nothing more than a pathological lie. For your information, Joel Brand, who formed the Aid and Rescue Committee in Budapest with fellow Zionists in Hungary, led the Jewish efforts to save Hungary's Jews. He arrived in Palestine to try to negotiate with the British a way to save much of Hungary's Jews, but was arrested and jailed under still unexplained circumstances. Also, for your information, it was your beloved Mufti who admitted in his own memoirs that he had worked to block initiatives to enable Jews to exit from Europe, and claimed credit for succeeding in doing so, in his own memoirs: "We combatted this enterprise by writing to Ribbentrop, Himmler, and Hitler, and, thereafter, the governments of Italy, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and other countries. We succeeded in foiling this initiative, a circumstance that led the Jews to make terrible accusations against me, in which they held me accountable for the liquidation of four hundred thousand Jews who were unable to emigrate to Palestine in this period. They added that I should be tried as a war criminal in Nuremberg." He also wrote the following to the Hungarian foreign minister: "I ask your Excellency to permit me to draw your attention to the necessity of preventing the Jews from leaving your country for Palestine, and if there are reasons which make their removal necessary, it would be indispensable and infinitely preferable to send them to other countries where they would find themselves under active control, for example, in Poland, thus avoiding danger and preventing damage."
26. split #18, more lies and distortions
Jake   (10.24.15)
Raul Hilberg did have disputes with Yad Vashem in Israel (not for the reason you mentioned) and for a long time he did not find a Hebrew publisher in Israel, but your claim that his book "The Destruction of the European Jews" was a banned book in Israel or that he risked being thrown in jail, is simply...rubbish. Hilberg's book, by the way, was a work in progress and he continually updated it as more facts became known. Hilberg's dispute with Yad Vashem came to an end in November 2004, when Hilberg was invited to become the keynote speaker at the conference to mark the 50th anniversary of Yad Vashem, where he spoke about the development of Holocaust research. In Israel in 2012, Yad Vashem and the Ben Gurion University jointly published the first complete translation into Hebrew of Hilberg's book.
27. WHY ???
Avram Goldsmith ,   Concord   (10.23.15)
When Haj Amin al-Husseini met Hitler in November 1941, he told him that there's a stark similarity between Nazism and Islam," explained Sharvit. "Husseini was responsible for establishing SS units in the Balkans. He was friendly with senior SS commanders, and was responsible for Berlin Radio broadcasts in all the Islamic lands." "His Berlin Radio broadcasts would always end by calling to slaughter the Jews. He also was among the initiators of the final solution for Jews in the land of Israel, and if (senior Nazi commander) Erwin Rommel would have G-d forbid reached Israel, Haj Amin al-Husseini had a detailed plan to destroy the Jewish community." Dr. Sharvit stated that the mufti was even considered a greater Nazi criminal than Adolf Eichmann.
28. twisted meaning
Avram Goldsmith ,   Concord   (10.23.15)
"Even today, as I recall what I heard from police officials and mufti supporters, chills go through my body," Idrisi told Kanaan at the time, recalling how in case of a German invasion "Haj Amin Husseini was gearing to enter Jerusalem at the head of the Muslim Arab Legion squadron he'd created for the Third Reich. The mufti's plan was to build a huge Auschwitz-like crematorium in the Dotan Valley, near Nablus, to which Jews from Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, and North Africa would be imprisoned and exterminated, just like the Jews in the death camps in Europe."
29. Yo, how dumb can yo get? It's not about the PAST, it's about
NOW: the Mufti (damn his memory) is a direct linkage to the present Arab Jihado fascist movement that has only one goal, destruction oft he Jewish State!
30. split, isn't it interesting?
Jake   (10.24.15)
Your posts attempt to refute what others have written about all sorts of things. But you have NEVER contradicted me for all the times I pointed out your clear satisfaction about the fate of the Jews of Europe during the Holocaust.
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