Israel quiet over 'hotline' with Russia on Syria
Published: 22.10.15, 23:26
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1. Israel Must Do
Christy ,   Boston, US   (10.23.15)
What is in the best interests of Israel. The US has a horrible foreign policy right now and it won't change until the occupant of the White House changes. Russia seems to be picking up the slack and helping to stabilize things. I just hope the US doesn't do anything to destabilize things.
2. Having a decisive guy like The Vlad controlling the savages
on our Northern borders is a blessing in no disguise!
3. Russia and Israel
n ,   m   (10.23.15)
The USSR trained the Syrians tank corps which almost overcame the IDF. Golda and Rabin were contemplating the destruction of Northern Israel. NEVER EVER believe that Russia cares too much if Israel exists or not. It would definitely get them the Muslim vote FOR EVER!
4. Israel does what she needs to do
C   (10.23.15)
the obama regime has never considered israel's national security intersts before making deals with israel's enemies and before inciting against israel continually. putin at least keeps quiet and does not openly undermine israel in public at every turn.
5. I trust Putin much more than I trust Hooosein Obama
Alan ,   SA   (10.23.15)
6. Sadly. . .
Mike ,   RKDH   (10.23.15)
Putin seems more trustworthy as an ally than Obma. RKDH
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