Relative of Abbas has life-saving operation in Israeli hospital
Shahar Chai
Published: 23.10.15, 00:13
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1. What is wrong with Ops. in Hamas/Fateh Land ?
Roland ,   london England   (10.23.15)
Robert ,   Israel   (10.23.15)
First it was Abbas' wife that was saved not long ago in a Israeli hospital, . Now, his brother in law. It seems to be that Abbas has no self esteem. He sends his family to be cured at his enemies' hospitals. The same did Haniye when one of his grand daughters went sick. Is it that Muslim hospitals are not good enough for them? Perhaps they are afraid someone inside their own hospitals would poison, or slit the throats of their sick ones, even though that would be almost impossible to happen as their own people love and admire them.
3. Photograph all Arab big shots in Israeli hospitals..
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.23.15)
and then plaster the media with them: "Look who supports and respects Israel! Do as they DO and not as they say!. "They send their loved ones to Israeli hospitals TO LIVE while they send your children to attack Israelis and die! Open your eyes and see how they use and abuse you!" It's just possible that some of the smarter Arabs, still with the ability to think for themselves, will wake up and tell Abbas and ilk to screw off.
4. So ,...
split   (10.23.15)
Pecunia non olet, they ain't doing it for free ,...
USA   (10.23.15)
Where is Israel's PR people? These types of news should be spread onto the major news networks!!!
6. I wouldn't treat his dog
Benji ,   US   (10.23.15)
You give life to his relatives while he incites death to Israelis.
7. Don't expect Abbas or his relatives to be thankful. They see
Rivkah   (10.23.15)
Israelis as fools for being kind to enemies. HaShem says to be kind to enemies and to those who despitefully use you because that heaps coals of fire on their heads from haShem (if they continue to be hateful instead of thankful).
8. "Spreading Lies" is his main crime????!!!!!!! As for the
treatment: obviously we are being taken for a ride by both "The World that hates us" AND our own government(s). Some stuff you just cannot make up!
9. There is no reason to help ANY of his familiy..
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.23.15)
...Abu (aka Abbas): -Masen himself has denied Holocaust.. -Masen himself was the predator organizing money for the Munich massacre of Israeli athlets. -Masen himself was organizing unilateral movement for the PA, opposite of the Oslo accord. -Masen is constantly smearing Israel reputation abroad. -Masen is rewarding terrorists.. -Masen is actually leading the war AGAINST Israel. Summary; Abu Masen is a liar, plain simple, a terrorist in disquise.
10. Stupido!
OLA ,   Norway   (10.23.15)
11. STUPID !!!
D.   (10.23.15)
12. 100% Talk backs ignored by Govt !
Roland ,   london England   (10.23.15)
What is the use of the Talk backs if decision makers undemocratically turn deaf ears to what the expressed opinion of the People wish to convey to be implemented into action ? therefore found wanting in dereliction of duty.
13. Abbas relative addmited to hospital in Israel
Joe ,   Australia   (10.23.15)
For god sake when Israel will wake up and let the enemies to be treated in Gaza or Ramallah.... No good can change the animals And it will not be a headline in BBC or Reuters or CNN etc....
14. pal treatment in Israel
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (10.23.15)
should include vaccinations that GIVE the AIDS virus to the Arab pals that rape for fun.... Just saying'.....
15. Abbas' family
Zuni Lan ,   Ramle Israel   (10.23.15)
I cant believe these talk backs. Have you lost all your humanity. In all the world and by the oath our doctors take all medicine is universal. I hope these talk backers arent Jewish - I would be if thay were.
16. #4 " they ain't doing it for free "
A ,   Belgium   (10.23.15)
And who's paying for it, polska shitsky, you??? You would have to scrub a lot of toilets and inseminate a lot of pigs in order to pay for this kind of top notch medical service.
17. In an Israeli hospital?
tiki ,   belgium   (10.23.15)
Aren't the lying hypocrites afraid of being "robbed of their organs" by those dirty Jews? Why isn't the "President's family being treated in their Palestinian State Hospital? Israeli hospitals treating these murderers & terrorists giving them oxygen to advocate new terror, hate & killings should be ashamed.
18. maybe...
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (10.23.15)
Maybe Abbas want to be rid of his family-in-law and send them to an Israeli hospital in the hope they will die here during the operation and like that he can condemn.... the rest you can imagine. The same with Haniyeh: send his family here in the hope they die during the treatment and so on.... To reach their goal everything is permitted and... they will be martyrs too. ;-)
19. Life(in Israel) : stranger than fiction. Idiotic to boost!
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