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Prominent UK figures call for cultural engagement with Israel instead of boycott
Published: 24.10.15, 23:36
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1. Bravo and it's about time!
Benji ,   US   (10.25.15)
It's not easy to stand up to bullies. Please show the likes of Mike Leigh, Emma Thompson and most of all, Roger Waters, the door. People like them detract from your culture.
2. It's not "engagement" with Israel, it's "disengagement" from
Islam they should be advertising! And that should've been 95% of the British, prominent as "simple" folks.
3. Letters, schmetters.
UR   (10.25.15)
Letters, schmetters. Don't they realize the main point about BDS is to keep Israel at the centre of discussion. It's clear that practically you can't boycott Israel - this is all a lot of hot air which is meant to perform the transformation of Israel into pariah, the only country around which we have endless discussions about whether or not to boycott. Israel, alone in the world, receives this kind of attention. Letters such as this just do the work of the boycotters, giving the latter greater steam. What the hell is the point of this? Do something proactive to create that engagement - don't just write another bloody letter. There are just degrees of separation between these people and the boycotters themselves
4. #3 Letters, schmetters alternative?
Benji ,   US   (10.25.15)
What would you do to create that engagement? These boycotters don't want to engage. They want to out shout and overrun. They have a bully mentality and function like a mob. But they don't like to be exposed, arrested, fined, excluded, voted down or publicly held accountable. Howard Stern recently slammed Roger Waters on his radio show for a protest letter Waters wrote about Bon Jovi's performance in Israel. Waters stumbled all over himself to explain his lame position. I see a growing number of Pro-Israel, anti boycott petitions and letters that put these boycotters on notice it is not fashionable to boycott Israel and if they maintain this position, they may find themselves boycotted. The pro-Israel Hollywood letter with over 200 signatories is an example. Rarely is there only one approach or solution to a problem but I do believe these pro-Israel, anti-boycott petitions/letters have merit.
5. academic Boycott
Mark ,   Uk   (10.28.15)
academics boycotters look at yourselves in the mirror and serch your hearts truly do we just join the band wagon and ask yourselves what Israel offered the world and to have peace with the Palestinians and then ask what have the Palestinians offered you academics are not stupid Israel helps world in tecnolegy agriculture medicine and much more Palestinians offeres terror and to destroy Israel just look back at recent history shame on you be brave The saying will a leapord change his skin let's hope you do
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