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Remembering Rabin through art
Oded Ben Yehuda
Published: 26.10.15, 21:35
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1. Where is that funny funny picture of rubitzov
Eran Tiefenbrunn ,   Tel Aviv,eretz yisro   (10.27.15)
Shelling the Altadena and it's Shoah survivors who would have enabled a unified Yerushalayim and sanctified har ha bayit before '68 when Dayan disclaimed your holiest of morasha. Ironically Dayan refused the BG order to she'll the Altalena claiming comm problem and somebody woke rubitzov/rabin from his drunken stupor to gladly kill Yehudim in the land of their own me as he did with the Oslo death accords sign the death warrants of those he swore to protect and instead of removing the threat, eliminated his own. Pathetic premonition of scheinermann/sharon and the un elected pm olmert
2. hi
younis ,   jerusalem   (10.27.15)
Remembering Rabin may his soul rest in peace we need man like him in this country
3. Unfortunately that trauma continues to this very day in form
of his bloody Oslo-Legacy.
4. endless continuous self flaggulation
al   (10.28.15)
Stop the nonsense and bury the dead thanks to the delusional peace of your supposed hero. When a rogue becomes your hero, it doesn't say much about yourselves.
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