Israel to mark 20th anniversary of Rabin murder
Edva Cohen, Itamar Eichner, Tamar Trabelsi-Haddad
Published: 25.10.15, 15:38
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1. Not really:Israel wants to FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. We are still paying for rabin's arrogance
David ,   New york   (10.25.15)
3. He was NOT a great guy
trump   (10.26.15)
I was outraged and saddened by his assassination but since he gloated over Jews ' killings in Altanea ship attack off Tel Aviv in 1948...
4. "Show must go on!, Yeah-Yeah!"
Ariel ,   Israel   (10.26.15)
5. Rabin is best remembered as governor of gaza
A ,   Belgium   (10.26.15)
who when asked how to respond to arab stone throwers, he answered "break their arms and legs". He was a failure as PM, alienating an entire segment of the Israeli population (the so called "settlers", which I was one of at the time) by calling them "propellers spinning in the wind" , and who called Israeli emigrants "fallout of the weaklings". The only weakling was Rabin himself, who, with his senses dulled by alcohol, allowed himself to be coerced by his colleague and rival Shimon Peres into signing the disastrous Oslo Agreement.
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