Rabin's daughter: Israel did not learn from my father's murder
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 26.10.15, 18:20
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1. Does she mean to say "Israel learned from her father how to
Johnny   (10.26.15)
murder" from Rabin's Flotilla murder affair?
2. first lapid, now kahlon
george   (10.26.15)
kahlon says he would give up his post for bibi to bring in herzog. This shows what an ignoramus kahlon is on security. He is a carbon copy of peretz, limite idf experience who would bring hamastan to west bank as herzog wants to withdraw from most of it and east jerusalem. He would then rely on john kerry. and kahlon along with the oslo brigade of phd airheads feel if idf withdraws from west bank as it did gaza, then peace will come-bull. Look at the evidence. Incidently, rabin was wrong on peres and oslo period. Bringing in the corrupt bunch from tunis cost 5000 israeli death and maimings and it continues as the rotten scum in ramallah indoctrinates hatred. Israelis have no brains as they continue to vote for ignormauses-livni, lapid, khalon and herzog.
3. On memory of Rabin,s death
Sabri abualruz ,   Amman Jordan   (10.26.15)
Rabin , now dead , may God forgive him , R.I.P , Rabin passed away , leaving the Palestinian Israel contentious issue , intact , with no solution looms in horizon , as I have read in this article . Commemorating the death of Rabin , that Israel is still insisting not to relinquish EAST Jerusalem and Jerusalem must remain united , and it's the eternal capital of Israel , if that so , violence will continue , and there will be no peace at all , and no need for any negotiation , and the consequences will be DISASTER to both ISRAEL AND ARABS ,
4. Netanyahu a disgrace to Rabin's Memory
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Mount Laurel NJ USA   (10.26.15)
When Netanyahu was campaigning his supporters were holding up banners with Rabin dressed as a Nazi officer and yet Netanyahu chose to remain silent. After Rabin was murdered his family rightly wanted nothing to do with Netanyahu. Fast forward twenty years and Netanyahu is in power exhorting Jews to vote because the Arabs (Israeli CITIZENS!) are supposedly going to vote in droves. He has caved in to the settlers and the extreme right wing. When are the Israeli people going to realize that the top priority for Netanyahu is remaining in power forever, and is not what is best for Israel. He has made Israel a pariah to the rest of the world and to an increasing number of Americans. He has no vision of or a desire for a peaceful resolution of the Israel Palestinian conflict. All he cares about is remaining in office. Exactly what has that brought the Israeli people? A false calm, the hatred and anger of millions of its neighbors, and the disparagement of hundreds of millions of people on every continent. This is not what Yitzchak Rabin wanted, stood for and believed in and is a disgrace to his memory.
5. Bibi to 'review' residency of E. Jerusalem pals
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (10.26.15)
so, give him time, Israel's a young nation and with obama as the Arab pals 'protector' Bib's working miracles. What until Muslim obama is gone.. Soon, G-d willing, no Arab pals in Jewish Israel. KEEP BUILDING !!!
6. It isn't Israel you need worry about...
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (10.26.15)
It's the ignorant knife wielding Arab pals and ISIS both of who'd remove your head and use it for a bowling ball.
7. the morons know amir didn't do it
dave ,   tzfat israel   (10.26.15)
after JFK, US leaders kept their mouths shut, knowing the coverup. But here, what a joke.
8. Rabin's Daughter
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (10.26.15)
Actually, the country learned from his murder, however, the left hasn't learned, from the mistake of OSLO nor has it atoned for it's sins of OSLO, that is the problem here. Rabin, Peres and Belin brought Arafat and his gang of terrorist to Israel and 20 years on they are still causing Israeli's to be killed, that is the lesson that hasn't been learned, stop talking with terrorists
9. What a chutzpah to claim such inane notion!
This is our Left in a nutshell: incredibly stupid, blind & beyond redemption.
10. Primadonna Rabin,enough with this glorifying of your dad,
ab   (10.26.15)
you should stay in shadows or apologize to those killed or maimed because Y.R. couldn't resist a moment in the limelight.
11. Oslo and subsequent terror killed Israeli left
C   (10.26.15)
those who still worship rabin fail to understand that which the israeli public understands. the problem is hatre emanating from the islami world. this hatred has nothing to do with the arab palestinian issue. it is particular to islamic ideology.
12. Israel needs to learn who really killed Rabin
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.27.15)
The main thing, about Rabin, that Israel needs to learn is: Who really killed him? There are hundreds of serious inconsistencies with the "lone rightist assassin" theory. The real killer(s) of Rabin are almost certainly at large today.
13. #4 you are a disgrace to memory of 1,200 dead because Rabin
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.27.15)
14. who really killed Rabin?
mesheho   (11.09.18)
the SB or MaM or what?
it's time to tell the truth!
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