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25 years after leaving his wife, get refuser found in Uruguay - as a priest
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 28.10.15, 17:35
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1. A Beth Din should grant a "get" in such circumstances!
N ,   N   (10.28.15)
2. One of the many reasons I'm glad to be a reform Jew
Shep ,   Memphis   (10.28.15)
This just shows how unyielding the Extreme version of Orthodoxy works.
3. Another Way
EM ,   Ra'anana   (10.29.15)
The woman's suffering could have ended long ago if the Rabinute would have 'released' her based on extended abandonment, or finding out the husband remarried, etc The rabinute kept her in chains long after it was clear that the 'husband' no longer wanted her, nor cared what happened with her. The fact that she remained 'chained' to her husband is the fault of the Rabinute and their backward, unequal laws regarding marraige.
4. He is "Jewish", of course.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.28.15)
The stupid things in life never expire.
5. Strange....
Yehudit ,   Zfat, Israel   (10.29.15)
A "priest" with "a new wife"...???
6. And after such stories
Veronique ,   Israel   (10.28.15)
And after such stories of suffering by the many agunot, the rabbis cannot think of a way to solve the issue without the husband? Trust me that if it was a wife not granting a divorce and men be chained to their wives, they would have found a twist in the law very quickly! Shame on the man and shame on the rabbis! Enough already!
7. #2 a reform Jew with a reform marriage not quite the same as
Mark Silver ,   C   (10.29.15)
a kosher marriage. Nothing in the world can absolve the aguna (the chained woman) without a kosher divorce if she cares that her children not be mamzerim.
8. Seperate state from religion and allow civil marriage
Miri   (10.29.15)
9. glad he converted out
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (10.29.15)
we don't need or want schmucks like this in our tribe.
10. She should have had him declared dead after seven years and
Rivkah   (10.31.15)
as a widow, she would be free of the marriage. Her now ex-husband is in a lot of trouble with haShem since Scriptures says that anyone who does not provide for his own has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. Woe to the man who deals treacherously with the wife of his youth. This lout will go to hell and no conversion can save him since he denied the faith by not providing for his own.
11. a priest?
Helix Felix ,   Romania   (11.01.15)
as in roman catholic priest? i dont think so
12. 11 Helix Felix, Romania: The Roman Catholic church accepts
Rivkah   (11.01.15)
married priests who are older and usually their children are grown in some instances. The Anglican church calls their ministers Priests and they allow Priests to marry. Decons in the Roman Catholic church can be married but are usually older with grown children and can officiate at priestly rites such as weddings and masses and funerals and baptisms. But when my niece was married by a Roman Catholic decon, her husband's family refused to believe the marriage was valid since it was performed by a decon and not a Priest. She was treated so badly, she left the Roman Cathlic church as did her husband and they became Protestant something or other.
13. Once you've gone "black" it's hard to come back: if you
choose to be a member of a cult/religion you must be prepared for everything it can "offer" you; things like servitude, practical slavery, doing the thinking-bit for know, stuff that for some of us seems pretty crucial, to feeling like a human being.
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