The disgrace of Jewish extremism
Yizhar Hess
Published: 27.10.15, 21:24
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1. article on the peace activist under attac
mario felappi ,   milano   (10.27.15)
The man with the knife is masked. Who knows his true identity. May be it's just another chapter of Pallywood, a masked palestinian trying to bring media to hate Jews, as simple as it is.
2. Many Jewish Psychopaths and Sociopaths
Zechariah   (10.28.15)
Throughout history the Jewish people have had evil ones .In the tough even brutal parts of the Old Testament various infractions are urged to be dealt with to a degree in the extreme . The Prophesies of mass murder and Shoahs have come about as those of redemption and resurrection.
3. what do KAPOS gain?
Leah Goldsmith ,   Itamar Israel   (10.28.15)
Can you imagine in your worst nightmare an orc comes with his cousin into a sleeping community to slit the throat of a 2 month old baby and stab her parents and siblings and then this "RABBI" stages such a hate movie. Luckily- it is SO POORLY done like all his deeds - the antithesis of ohev shalom verodef shalom. Who believes the lie, Y net?
Better | extremist jews" rather than Aushwitz victims. And why are christians and also muslims permitted to be extremists ,but for jews it is forbidden?
It is certainly NOT the Jews who are stabbing innocent people and terrorising people on buses and in shopping malls etc . The extremists who are doing these violent acts are Arabs.
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (10.28.15)
Better to be a living and breathing extremist , than to be a dead and murdered naive do-gooder ...
7.  ???
Jews are being stabbed every day by arabs ,and the jews are the extremists?
8. What 'disgrace?"
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (10.27.15)
war is hell and worse if you lose. Jews don't intend to lose to some Arab pals who worship death while Jews love life. Freedom isn't free.
9. leftist anti-democratic authoritarian inherent traits threa
ralph   (10.28.15)
threaten israeli democracy more than anything else. leftist ideology is evil, and foreign. when will it be eliminated from our land?
10. Ascherman is a disgrace
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (10.28.15)
he is against the Jewish State of Israel, against our IDF. He is a pro-Palestinian lobbyist and fights for the Palestinian cause. Fie!
11. Thank you
cfspirit ,   fr and dz   (10.28.15)
Thank you to defend humans.
12. Hess would like to shoot Jewish Extremets Ascherman doesnt
Commentator ,   Israel   (10.28.15)
13. itamarisraelsupportgroup
leah goldsmith ,   itamar israel   (10.28.15)
for all of those, and there are many - who feel so disgusted by this vomit- there is a way to stand on the right side- please join us on facebook- itamarisraelsupportgroup . It is hard to fathom such self hatred could surface at such a time...... George Sorros must be pouring the money unto the kapos full force....
14. Actually, it isn't forbidden...
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (10.29.15)
Remember, this is war and, for war there are separate rules.... Winning comes first. The rest doesn't matter. The Talmud describes some hilarious battles down to killing all of the enemy 'every man, woman and child.' Are we wiling to do that No but, our enemies are. So, again, it isn't forbidden our own suicide is... Not pretty but accurate.
15. Norman Cohen @ FB ,...
split   (10.28.15)
It's hard not to smile reading this crap posted by some khazarian nomadic convert calling West Bank an ancestral homeland ,...
16. Reading your posts ,...
split   (10.28.15)
... and asking myself why there's so much hate and disdain in those pinheads for someone who dare to criticize savagery guided by normal human impulses ? ,...
17. Michael Pielet @ FB ,..
split   (10.28.15)
Jewish version of gratefulness, born and educated in US enjoying safety and opportunity and serving in foreign country ,... "My 3 children all served in fighting, combat units in the IDF" ,... Why, US Armed Forces aren't good enough for them? If they want to serve shouldn't they serve first in the country that provided you a roof over your head? ,...
18. Right Leah Goldsmith
Avram Goldsmith ,   TORONTO, ON   (10.28.15)
from Avram Goldsmith When you are going to ask an American which is the best country and people in the word the answer will be America. The same question for a Jew: the answer: You are racist, fundamentalism, extremist, Mr Yizhar no more BS, Israel need realy leader which stem from respect of tradition and AM Israel.
19. To No. 6.
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (10.29.15)
Surely this is what your soulmates in Islamic State are saying. Confucious is truly confused.
20. # 17 How do you know that they didn't serve in the US
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (10.29.15)
military as well? Bet you didn't serve in either as your a true Arab pal soldier violent and ignorant but, vocal and semi amusing unintentionally.
21. #20 He knows very little
Benji ,   US   (10.31.15)
He's a Polish asylum seeker. Poland is lucky to be rid of him. To answer your question, he did not serve in the US military even though the US put a roof over his head. An unaccomplished hypocrite who lectures others.
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