Arab MK defies ban: Visits Temple Mount
Roy Yanovsky, Hassan Shaalan
Published: 28.10.15, 11:12
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1. If Arabs defy the ban and are not arrested
Juliana   (10.28.15)
Jews should also not be arrested if they go up on Har Habayit. Oh, I forgot - the Leftist government in Israel only crack down on Jews and Arabs are only threatened. The spineless government doesn't even have the courage to arrest stone thrower terrorists whom they threatened several times.
2. Nothings forever...
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (10.28.15)
Especially a pagan site atop two former Jewish Temples. We will build the third soon. Watch.
3. Another delusional fu*king Arab.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (10.28.15)
aren't they all? Can hardly wait for our Third Temple to be built and put an end of the shit show desecrating our holiest site, Temple Mount. Arabs in Arabia Jews is Israel. KEEP BUILDING BABY !!!
4. He has shown the way.This will become a free for all to do.
Roland ,   london England   (10.28.15)
5. Arab MKs inciting to violence.
Jeffrey ,   UK   (10.28.15)
Leaving aside the basic question of why it is OK to ban Jews from praying at a holy site that they obviously have a prior claim to.... Once again we see how Arab leaders are hell-bent on causing havoc and damage to the people they claim to represent. This visit will prompt some deranged teenager to go on a stabbing frenzy and get himself or herself killed. The MK will then have another "victim" to parade to the foreign press. Absolutely disgusting behavior but nothing less than what we have come to expect from their leadership. Continuing on the road to Palestinian self destruction...
6. Netanyahu is not the dictator
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.28.15)
He has enacted rules that have no basis in law. He is violating Israeli law. Barring Jews and Christians from praying on the Temple Mount is a direct violation of the Basic Laws. That in itself constitutes an illegal rule. Stopping MKs from going anywhere in Israel is illegal according to the Knesset rules. Netanyahu is not allowed to write laws. The Knesset never approved his decision. We are not a dictatorship. His adherence to the 'Holy Status Quo' is stupid. Appeasing leftists and terrorists never works.
7. MK defies
Neal Rothner ,   Hashmonaim, Israel   (10.28.15)
This Arab MK is a disgrace to Israel & the Knesset. He refers to "our people" & "your people". We are one people Israel. He is a trouble maker, looking to stir up tempers. We are a people who have differeng religious beliefs and different views of how things should be, but should have enough responsibility to adhere to the prime ministers' request for public order & not having MKs making political attacks in such a holy place, especially when tempers are hot. Neal Rothner
8. Remove him and...
Israel Watchdog ,   Akko, Israel   (10.28.15)
Any MK that incites terrorism like he just did with his words, and calls for the removal of the Israeli government must be removed from his position and also tried for treason. How in the world is someone like that allowed to continue in the prestigious position he is in?
9. Here's to living in America & taking a pass on this game
Cameron ,   USA   (10.28.15)
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