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J.K. Rowling appeases angry readers after showdown with BDS
Yaniv Halily
Published: 29.10.15, 22:33
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1. Rowling is a witch who writes about witchcraft who is an ene
Rivkah   (10.29.15)
enemy of the Holy Scriptures, who is going to hell, and who is so stupid she thinks the Philistines (Palestinians) should be encouraged and sympathized with after all their evil toward the rightful inheritors of Jerusalem and Israel by decree by the everlasting Creator to Abraham and his descendants through Isaac, Jacob and Judah, Benjamin and Levi. Joseph (Manasseh is the USA and Ephraim (Britain and Commonwealth) were given the birthright blessing while Judah was given the scepter of rulership and authority and the land inheritance of haShem's lands which is Jerusalem and the lands deeded to Abraham for certain of his descendants but not all of his descendants.
2. What is with these nut jobs.
DOV ,   USA   (10.29.15)
Are the same murderous insane beings holding a knife to their throats as in Israel. Are they scared of the multitude of jihadists and extremist that walk amongst them. Is that why they hate Israelis so much.
3. Another Successful Useful Idiot.....
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (10.30.15)
Perhaps one of her sorcerers can cast a spell to give her some intelligence?
4. JFK rowling
David Goldberger ,   United States   (10.30.15)
What a two faced jerk
5. true colours
mike north ,   karmiel israel   (10.30.15)
I always admired Ms Rowlings rise from poverty to success and was enthralled with her speech at the end of year ceremony for Harvard graduates. But now she has shown her true dark side so evident in her Potter books , It remains to be seen what effect her condemnation of Israel will have on her career. Who can ever forget the huge bonfires as Germany burned Jewish books-what would she have to say if her books would be burned? Your appeasement has shown your true colours-shame on you! Whoever curses Am Yisrael ,,,,, I
6. Boycotting Rowling
Janet W ,   Jerusalem   (10.30.15)
I'm glad I'm using her latest book, and last book of hers to cross my threshold, to hold up some hardware.
7. Beneath all their culture, the British.......
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (10.30.15)
harbor a lot of anti-Semitism. They can't seem to get it out of their system. What feeds it is their underlying inferiority complex marked by the loss of their beloved Empire and the creation of the Jewish State in "British" Palestine.
8. BDS tactics reminiscent of Nazi Germany
Ted ,   Tel Aviv   (10.30.15)
For the few of us who have read the history of the Nazi take over of Germany, this sounds very much like the tactics of Hitler's Brown shirted army. They would mark and Jewish store and protest anyone going in, then if the German insisted on going in, they would beat him. Later the fear in the German people turned into instant obedience to the Nazis. So we see here too, the BDS movement is scaring people from thinking differently about Israel and forcing them to think in the manner that they say they should think of face economic consequences. This is sick that any person should put up with the BDS people, they are pure and simple filled with blind hated towards Jews and Israel.
9. to fb Marc Green
Adler J   (10.30.15)
Palestians are just allowed to read in hebrew lol
10.  her books were banned
Adler J   (10.30.15)
in muslim countries, she writes about wizards, occultism, & paganism
11. I can't see the pals suffer ???
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.30.15)
Their leaders, Hamas and Fatah, have poured terror onto the state of Israel, killing, murdering civilians.!! And let us NOT forget, these terrorists are arabs, praying to en evil hoax, and with the help of terror their ideology is spread onto the rest of the world. Isn't it nice that the Saudis wants to help Germany to build hundreds of mosks. instead of receiving refugees into their own country?? In some decades western Europe will be in great distress of terror..
12. Islamists and Fatah Ba'ath Arab Brutal
Zechariah   (10.30.15)
The Brutality of the Islamists and Fatah Ba'ath nationalist is far greater than IDF toughness. If they had the greater power they would be genocidal in action not only intent . Little has changed now since El Husseini the Naziman and Islam man galaxies away from the Relative Tolerance of the Prophet Mohammed .
13. I hope....
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (10.30.15)
You could be a brave, correct,... woman, academic towards Israel. I hope it's only because you or your publishers are afraid to sell less books. Also, I understand that the hateful face of Roger Waters, when he talks about Israel, makes you afraid. I hope that Yad Vashem makes once a section about BDS and its real intentions towards Israel and Jewry, with the photos of their leaders and fanatic supporters like Waters.
Why listen to her nonsense opinions?
Why take her seriously??
16. Much ado about nothing
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (10.30.15)
she's made oodles of cash and now wants to make Muslims her friends? Why? They won't read her tales of witches any way. Foolish dumb bitch..
17. Dhimming down of UK
Deb ,   USA   (10.30.15)
Rowling turned out to be a coward. Frankly it sounds like there is very little freedom of expression or innovation left in the UK. The boycott obsession is indicative of social decline.
18. Don't these "public figures" realize this will stick to them
forever?- "What were you doing, when Jihado-islamists tried THEIR version of Final Solution"? "Oh, I was signing petitions on their behalf, because.... I didn't know better" REALLY????????!!!!!!!!!!
19. So, she has cast her dice along with Roger Waters (kind of)?
20. Oh please
nibor ,   israel   (10.30.15)
How many times can one read each Harry Potter book? Castles, magic, magic wands, that's easy. Easy reading, what child wouldn't like that? A whole generation of children will not read true classics like: Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Kidnapped, Treasure Island, Little Women, Seventeen, because of the easiness and fluidity of Harry Potter. But it would also explain the ignorance when having the one-sided, fact-less stance on the Middle East. A narrow mind set in fantasy produces that.
21. to Beary White
Adler J   (10.30.15)
"Isn't it nice that the Saudis wants to help Germany to build hundreds of mosks? " -yeah was very nice from Saudis. Apparently Merkel thinks Germany doesnt have space to build 200 mosks for one million syrian she refused generously the offer..
22. reply to #1
Adler J   (10.30.15)
Rivka : Can you explain how can be possible Bethlehem is administrated by muslim PA? It is because Oslo or because 1948 UN resolutions? thank you
23. Potter Putz
ik ,   USA   (11.03.15)
There may be 50X supporters of Rollins but probably only 1% of them can READ
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