Clinton to Israelis: You have to decide
Gilad Morag
Published: 31.10.15, 22:18
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Yitzhak Rabin was a wonderful ,brave ,honest gentleman of real integrity. He was a man of his word . But he has gone to the next world .It is time to stop the endless ceremonies and memorials and to get on with living ,israelis have drains to build and electricity systems to repair. LIFE GOES ON .
Enough with this unhealthy obsession with Rabin. GET A LIFE.
And mass hysteria . Yearning for that elusive Father Figure.
5. The gall of Nahum Barnea to claim: we haven't learned
anything! Indeed, the lobotomized peaceniks of the Leftist, anti-Zionist camp have learned zilch in 20 years. Not to worry: the rest of us(huge majority) have.
6. 20 years since Rabin's assassination & the murderS are still
Julianaa   (10.31.15)
not behind bars. The murdererS who killed Rabin in the car and those who killed the nurses and doctors who knew too much....
7. Demand REAL investigation into Rabin killing!
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.31.15)
We must not pretend the Rabin investigation was real and conclusive. HUNDREDS of serious inconsistencies tell us otherwise. The "long rightist" theory serves the left, but it is almost certainly wrong. Let us all demand a REAL investigation into the Rabin killing! Bibi, you owe it to Israel.
8. Tens of thousands of Oslo casualties far outweigh Rabin!
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.31.15)
It is fine to remember Rabin. But the tens of thousands of Oslo casualties far outweigh Rabin or any other single person. It would be far saner to commemorate the thousands who were maimed and murdered by Oslo; of which Rabin was one. Begin with a real investigation into exactly who killed Rabin and how.
9. The prime examples of the rottenness....
History nut ,   Israel   (11.01.15)
in Israeli society. Clinton the liar is a hero. Rivlin is the reincarnation of Peres. And the worst of Tel Aviv makes it a party.
10. Rabin's legacy failed begadol - thousands of Israelis
Mark Simon   (11.01.15)
were killed and maimed thanks to Rabin. Which idiot does still believe that Rabin did something positive?
Who the hell are you to dare lecture and patronize israelis? I suggest Mr . learns to acquire a little bit of humility and not to insult his hosts.
Mr .Clinton patronized and insulted his hosts.
13. EU representative showed more brains than US
Sam ,   Canada   (11.01.15)
The EU diplomat emphasized that BOTH Palestinians and Israel had to decide on peace. The US is afraid to upset the Palestinians and pressures Israel alone to make peace. That is why it never achieves anything.
Robert s Jackson ,   Washington D.C.   (11.01.15)
Come join Robert Sherman Jackson's "Black American Million Man March on Jerusalem For World Peace 2016".
15. Hey Bill.
Gabe ,   Canada   (11.01.15)
Why don't you take a walk without your bodyguards after sunset in the Arab quarters ?
16. Follow Clinton"s Legacy - Sleep with Monica Levinsky !
Tomer ,   tel aviv   (11.01.15)
Clinton was a thug - one of his "achievements" was to deregulate the banks so that they run their casino banking and destroy the US economy It is fitting that this evil man supports the "Rabin's Appeasement Policies"
17. Hey Clinton, are you still so blind to the "peace" in Israel
thanks to Rabin's Oslo stupidity?
18. obama lives in dreamland
marv   (11.01.15)
as far as arabs are concerned, israeli sits on moslem land period. Forget about 2 states.Arabs want israel to cease even if they haggle and kill each other over the remains. Clinton got lucky in bosnia and kosovo in that theserbs decided not to fight. Otherwise, they would have slaughered 10,000 americans. Obama favours the arabs which is his right. He doesn't live with them so wha tthe hell does he know?? In themeantime, arabs fear and respect strong assertive israelis not the osloists. RABIN, A GOOD MAN, WAS WRONG TO EVER ADOPT PERES POODLES PEACE TALKS. netanyahu is not the right man for the job because he is too weak and it is surpisiring tha tthe icf never threw him out for incompetenece cause he has no sense of himself or what to do. He bends ov er to express regret on the loss of the russian plane to curry faovur because he is so insecure. and israel keeps electing these weak leaders olmert, livni, herzog,. There is just no end to them. Look in the mirror and elect someoone wiht some confidence, not these shrivelling nerovus nellies aides and abetted by a gutless pr3ess.
19. Rabin's legacy
Ian ,   Ian   (11.01.15)
Rabin's legacy is stalking the streets with knives and sitting in luxury in Ramallah inciting violence and terrorism. Only politicians can come out with the sort of drivel that Clinton is spouting. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
20. Mr. Clinton Dn't Bother
David Fakheri ,   LA USA   (11.01.15)
The Democrats already showed how much do care about the Jews destiny and Israel's security!. Mr. Clinton please do not bother to give us any more in front of the International filthy cameras to bring damage to our Unity !. If Churchill and Roosevelt had one war in their life to finish and they could have done it after 4 years and for ever but Netanyahu ( Israelis ) have every minute by minute war with the world of jealousy toward the Jews and toward the Israelis successes in any field!. There is no similarity between the Higher Culture that surrounding the West ( to protect themselves ) and the Culture of Terrorism that surrounding us by whoever you can name !.
21. Bill Clinton's legacy: 2000 murdered Jews
C   (11.01.15)
bill clinton must stop his meddling in the affairs of the sovereign jewish state of israel. bill clinton must stop lecturing the people of israel. bill clinton should wake up and understand that israelis hate those who want to dictate to them what to do.
22. Rabin's legacy: a dead left
C   (11.01.15)
rabin brought the oslo disaster on the heads of israelis. rabin was forced into this catastrophe by foreigners who wanted a win. however, no one should forget that rabin also broke bones when he needed to.
C   (11.01.15)
notice that he lectures and patronises from behind bullet proof glass.
24. Bill Clinton, no, we do not have to decide
C   (11.01.15)
your muslims have to decide that the sovereign jewish state is accepted by them as one among the nations.
25. "He never stopped seeing other people... as human beings"
C   (11.01.15)
we, the jews, are taught to love our neighbours and to be kind to the strangers amongst us. hence, rabin was one among many. we, the nation of the jews, are waiting for the nations and for our enemies the muslims to see us as humans. we are waiting for muslim imams to stop referring to us as sons of apes and pigs. we are waiting for the grand ayatollah khameini to stop threatening us with annihilation. we are waiting for the end of incitements against the jewish state of israel by foreign hypocrites.
26. The Legacy
Zola   (11.01.15)
The legacy is justice for the shoahs particularly the Righteous ones and Beynonim amongst them and the children and infants . Islam and the Christians led by Sweden and Turkey took in few Jews :Canada : one Jew is too many . The Sampson option is on for world Jewry . But only if the Jews are attacked . The Jews want peace .They thrive in peace although they get too greedy many . Have to help rest of Humanity also Arabs . But not if they continue the hate and murderous intent . .
27. End the farce now
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.02.15)
End Oslo and the endless Arab violations. Deport the Islamofascist colonists from our lands.
28. nothing substantiate the truth..........
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (11.02.15)
Nothing substantiate the truth. Even if Israel give up the whole of Jerusalem to the Arabs there will be no peace for the Jews! Sadly that is the true agenda of Muslim Arabs, they want it all! Arabs civilization is base on Islamic lies. Israel became a nation in 1948 proof the Biblical promise true to the facts and history the original land where Jews belong to. The evil of the M/E islamic politics is to reverse history by violence and wars. May God bless Israel
29. silent non tunis arab majority
james   (11.02.15)
the real siilent majority of arabs, good traders, need to show up, grab hold of their kids and stop them in their tracks.\ and furthur, they need to define a mercha nt family uprising to throw out the political dogma and arrange a commercial eurstyle association with israeli traders to make a new israel/arab partnership. \the abbas and haniyeh crowd have to be chopped down. \grab hold of your kids.
30. bill clinton
be sam ,   nyc usa   (11.02.15)
Stop lying again bill your worst day of your 8 years was the impeachment hearings not the day rabin was killed
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