A lesson in anti-democracy
Tami Arad
Published: 04.11.15, 14:01
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1. Actually, traitors need no badges. We know who they are!
2. Mrs.Arad got it all backwards, but that's evident every time
a Leftist tries to grapple with truth & reality. It's the High Court that indulges in "constitutional fascism", by rendering democratically chosen governments impotent, when it comes to issues not to it's liking. That shall be thing of the past, we all hope. Besides, what prevails nationally these days is not "hatred" (we're not talking the 5th column of Arabs), but a sense of : "enough is enough; that's how far we're prepared to go". Mind you: we went too far already!
3. Yellow stars next. Israel is dead.
Dan   (11.04.15)
4. no, the right wing is not pushed to violence
james   (11.04.15)
israelis are sick save a few beiliists and peresnikcs, they are sick of dying and maimings perpetrated by arabs emboldened by israeli concessions and bibi's weakness. arabs want jews out of tel aviv not just 2 states which you keep advocating. It goes n owhere. Withdraw fromwest bank which only a moron would do and you get hamastan . and then you want to run to obama to speak to abbas to stop the violence. Israeis are sick of being attacked and are sick of relying on the united states for its own problems. Take your 2 states and shove it up your rear ends.
5. The lady is brilliant !!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (11.04.15)
Label the suckers for all to see, they should be proud to be seen for what they are... 'be sure thy sins will find you out.' p.s. not only brilliant, pretty too! KEEP BUILDING !! they 'label' that too.
6. It is curious that Mrs. Arad doesn't want public to know her
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.04.15)
political leanings. Left is about ambushing the opponent with no warning. This is far from being democratic.
7. Wrong
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (11.04.15)
In the proposed law all NGO members will be required wearing a badge, not only leftists NGO members. This is a hatefull opinion piece !
8. this reads like Gideon Levy trash
zionist forever   (11.04.15)
All domestic NGO representatives ( right & left ) have always been obligated to wear badges saying who they are and what organisation they represent but representatives from foreign NGOS have been exempt. This proposed new change in the law would fore representatives from all NGOS to wear badges its not anti democracy in action its actually an example of democracy in action saying everybody gets treated the same. The government is not concerned about NGOS which get most their funding from private donations as most on both left and right are privately funded the worry is when the funding comes from foreign GOVERNMENTS because the only reason foreign governments fund NGOS is to use them to influence Israeli government policy which is undemocratic.
9. leftist duplicity revealed. is democratic, rescues democracy
ralph   (11.04.15)
10. my badge is the flag of Israel
leftist ,   Israel   (11.04.15)
What protects my rights: 1. service in the IDF 2. Israeli tax payer 3. survivor of terrorism why I am here? To protect the precious democracy which is the State of Israel. without me and others like me the Israeli right will not only lose democracy they will also lose the nation.
11. Zionist Forever
Adler J   (11.04.15)
" The government is not concerned about NGOS which get most their funding from private donations" Question: Is the Justice Ministry allowed by Israeli law to reveal to the public who are those private israeli donators? "the worry is when the funding comes from foreign GOVERNMENTS because the only reason foreign governments fund NGOS is to use them to influence Israeli government policy" - why governments invented NGOS ? It matters who promotes them if apparently all of them have the same purpose: to influence governments agendas? And if it doesnt matter at all who are NGOs donators, it is permissible by the gov not to keep in secret their names? thank you for your kind reply
12. 3
zionist forever   (11.04.15)
Representitivives of domestic Israeli NGOS have always been obligated to wear badges in the Knesset to say who they are what this law is doing is extending that to representatives of all NGOS which seems perfectly fair to me. Soaked is also not concerning herself with the politics of the individual NGO but who is funding them because ones who get the majority of their funding from foreign governments are obviously foreign governments attempting to interfere with Israeli policy making through the back door and Shaked wants these people to at least have to declare yes I am funded by government X so it creates transparency. Laws like this are good for democracy
13. 6
zionist forever   (11.04.15)
The only thing this bill does is create transparency amongst NGOS so if they are getting most their money from foreign governments they just had to admit thats where its coming from.
14. I hope the cyclone will be over soon
Michael ,   Paris, France   (11.04.15)
I know very well Israel's History, I know it more than many Israelis do, even if I am a Jew from Paris. I'm very sad when I see how people in Israel are slowly slipping to less democracy and more hatred. I can read hatred in those comments too, from people motivated by it instead of being careful about nuances and smartness and respect for opponants. Hatred is like a cyclone. You can't stop it, and once it's over (it's always over one day) you can see what was destroyed, and how people have been bad and mad. I only hope the cyclone going through Israel will stop soon for the damages to be reparable. Israel has been built with reason and moderation. That's how zionism succeeded. Fanatism never succeeded for a long time because it's blind and doesn't see the real dangers.
15. I was already her fan !!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.04.15)
16. Will not happen Too overt
Zola   (11.04.15)
This NGO badge thing will not happen its too obvious the article is provoking. These labels leftist rightist do not refer to socioeconomics the Haredim are receiving Government Grants in largesse .Hardly Marxist Left but SocialWelfare left .
17. Sounds like something a Nazi would do,
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.04.15)
not a young Jewish woman.
18. What's next, a communal showers? ,...
split   (11.04.15)
19. transparency and democracy....
Adler J   (11.04.15)
plenty of Bennet supporters in the last elections voted Netanyahu to help him to win. In fact Netanyahu won the Premiership thanks to Bennet. I think is very unfair and absurd the alleged "Norwegian law" which allows ministers elected by a majority popular vote to resign from their Knesset seats to give a chance to others who dis not where so voted, Naftali Bennet should go back to the Parliament!
20. The downside of Democracy
Ted ,   Tel Aviv   (11.05.15)
Although today Democracy is held high as the 'way' of progressive people, a serious study will show that the original concept of democracy involved not all people. The concept of Democracy WAS based on educated voters; today it is not so, rather, one person one vote. The problem is that most people are not intelligent; that is the reason that the American founding fathers obligated an intelligence test before giving anyone the right to vote. However, in today's society an intelligence test is not acceptable. Hence in America, we saw a misfit like Obama win twice over a very capable Mitt Romney, a man with rich experience in politics, economics and having a better vision for the future of the US. Why did Romney loose? Since he did not attract the dumb voters: the minorities who lack depth of thought, the blacks, the browns and the fringe liberals; Obama attracted the non thinkers. So, it is important in Israel, where there are a greater amount of thinkers per capita to be more open about funding for various groups, especially who is supporting the Left - how much money do they get from the Arabs? Only when we can make an intelligent choice can Democracy give us the best.
21. #1, correct:Rightwing aka "the 5th column"
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (11.05.15)
Rafi ,   US   (11.06.15)
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