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Israel's mobile market losing to the competition
Published: 03.11.15, 21:22
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1. What?
David Levy   (11.03.15)
They rip us off for years making huge profits, and now they want us to allow the to return to those days in order for them to upgrade their networks. Why? Whose to say they will do it and why should I pay more?
2. switch to Orange (Partner)
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (11.03.15)
They have good service & are the cheapest. Also they are not one of the big 3. They are not part of Orange France whose CEO said they want out of Israel. They just tuse the brand.
3. Profits
miri ,   israel   (11.07.15)
Profits, profits, profits My heart bleeds for all of big business, huge- salaried people etc. etc.whose profits do not meet their wishes, in contrast to a large segment of the world's workers who can barely make ends meet.
4. 1
zionist forever   (11.12.15)
Once we are forced to return to the bad old days of ripping us all off then instead of upgrading their networks they will build up their bank accounts take network upgrading slowly slowly because they will be able to do so.
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