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Cellcom buys out Golan Telecom for NIS 1.17 billion
Golan Hazani, Calcalist
Published: 05.11.15, 12:24
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1. Golan probably had a deficit because of their cheaper prices
Reuven   (11.05.15)
That's why they're willing to sell it.
2. this is not good for competition - switch to Orange
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (11.05.15)
3. Prices will rise!
Avi Israeli ,   Tel-Aviv   (11.05.15)
A guarantee you, prices for the average consumer will rise. The days of the 99 NIS for unlimited cell phone service are over. Lucky Michael Golan made a killing twice - first by shorting Israel's three main carriers stock before his 'revolution' and now by selling his company at $300M. HOT Mobile, now the largest MVNO after Golan telecom will probably be the next to fall. It would be easy for Partner/Orange to acquire them as they're already using their towers.
4. Take that BDS!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (11.05.15)
While the far leftists scream Boycott Israel's business is booming. Can't compete with Jewish brains... KEEP BUILDING !!!
5. Golan lasted 3 whole years before selling out
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (11.06.15)
This is really outrageous that after being one of the privileged few to start a new mobile company this Frenchy sells out after a few years. if he got the company into debt because of mismanagement that's his fault. If this goes through there will will be only 2 major cell companies. Don't allow Cellcom & Peephone to monopolize the market & raise rates. Switch to Orange or Hot.
6. The little Frenchman "clipped a coupon" at our expense!
7. Realy sorry news
i ,   jerusalem   (11.17.15)
I was ripped of by Celcom, and then abused by Orange before fleeing to Golan. My internet cx is through Hot, and it fails at least once in two weeks with no apology, no explanation and just lies if you succeed in getting a live response. I would rather retire and give up cellurlar than go back to those theives.
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