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Dozens of rabbis demand death sentence for terrorists
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 06.11.15, 19:18
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IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (11.08.15)
do nothing to protect Israel. Israel is suffering because of them.
2. Finally in agreement.......
History nut ,   Israel   (11.07.15)
Now if they would get their head out of the dark ages.
3. It's not as if there are any talmidei chachamim (scholars)
Johanna   (11.07.15)
in the High Court and never was. They're just a bunch of debased guys in the judicial court adamantly against the Torah and Talmud laws running the state. How do the Rabbis expect these self-appointed-for life leftists sitting in as judges to give a hoot what some Rabbis or even G-d says?
4. Fortunately citizens(with guns) are taking justice into
their own hands and thank god for that. We cannot rely on our government/High Court & we know that!
5. These Rabbis have no authority.
Benny Mileikowsky ,   Israel   (11.06.15)
6. Abo Asad facebook your comment is nonsense
Johanna   (11.07.15)
1) The murderer of Rabin is in the hands of the High Court who at the moment are not interested in even having him arrested. The poor guy sitting in jail is the High Court's guinea pig. There were no "settlers" who have blood on their hands. The Shabak can attest to it. The government just want to silence the violent Arabs so they just pick and send some innocent Israelis behind bars. 2) Jews are not terrorists. There might a murderer but never a terrorist.
7. #5 Do you know that the judges in the High Court grabbed
Debora   (11.08.15)
with power their own authority even though there has not been one judge sitting in the High Court fitting his/her position ever. I wonder if any of them are even half as knowledgeable as our Rabbis. Actually judges in this High Court do not necessarily have to be very knowledgeable but they do have to be leaning or laying completely towards the left, hating settlers and haredim. That's the only qualification they need.
8. There you go, Judaism in a nutshell
Carol ,   NYC   (11.06.15)
Religious leaders calling for murder. You do truly have lots in common with your muslim brothers.
9. Setting an Example
Joe ,   Israel   (11.08.15)
Let the worthy rabbis go one step further and set an example for all and volunteer to perform the proposed executions as it requires little or no training.
10. Of course Israel needs a death penalty
David ,   New york   (11.09.15)
US federal law has it as do most US state laws. All middle eastern states have it. We don't look serious to the terrorists without it. The underlying problem is that Israel is weak in punishing terrorists eg until a week ago killing someone with a stone was not even considered murder
11. don't need rabbis
Ted ,   Tel Aviv   (11.09.15)
I am not a rabbi but I also think that the death penalty should be given not only to the actual terrorist, but also those who help him carry out his terror job. Call me the Non-Rabbi against terror!
12. # 8 Carol not quite
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (11.09.15)
What the Rabbi's are calling for is war against the terrorists who attack 80 year old grannies and use their pal kids and women to be the mens' stand in' warriors. The rules of war are not at all similar to rules (?) of terror. Call it what you like, we win, you lose again, again, again, again and again. Some folks just never learn. Some folks being you. MORE BUILDING MEANS MORE WINS !!!
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