Bad tidings await Netanyahu on US trip
Published: 07.11.15, 20:32
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EZEKIAL HAIM ,   LONDON UK   (11.07.15)
Just before the Iran deal was struck,white house officials were talking about the compensation package for Israel.Now their tune is changed because Obama wants Netanyahu to give some concessions that would please Obama and his Palestinian friends.This is all political manipulation which will come to nothing.There is plenty of time for the new deal to come in and by then Obama will be out of the Whitehouse.
2. Palestinians never Demilitirize
Zola   (11.08.15)
The Palestinians fed on hate of Jews worse now than ever will never agree to a demilitirized state nor give up the revenge for the Jews and in a very horrific manner . Just the Syrian civil war the Iraq -Iranian war Reveals the brutality within Islam Obama realises this . But with Netanyahu Obama is doing payback he has not forgotten Netanyahus insults behind the play . And Netanyahu had little choice the Jews in Israel he formed a coalition with a centred right therefore a National Unity is needed now .
3. The Republican Congress
Steve L   (11.08.15)
will have a very different POV. Obama will end up severely hurting the Democrats with what he's doing but it doesn't seem to matter to him. Hillary Clinton is not someone he likes very much and he knows she will have to distance herself from him or risk losing Florida and after I suspect Obama throws Israel under the bus at the UN, Jews will exist the Democrat Party for decades - and he doesn't much care about that either. He's done. Worst President America has ever had bar none
4. Bad tidings await America with Obama as President
Jack   (11.08.15)
Americans should wake and smell the coffee. Not a joke. Obama is studying the book written by a fellow Muslim "The world After America" for a reason....
5. Obama's poisoning of these talks comes as no surprise
Shep ,   Memphis   (11.08.15)
It was always suspect that Obama would genuinely try to mend fences with Israeli PM Netanyahu. The fact that he waited until the 11th hour to "leak" this news - while Bibi is in the air to meet with Obama says volumes about how vicious and vendictive he can be. I hope my Jewish friends who voted for Obama remember this when Hillary runs for President.
6. You Snooze, You Lose
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (11.08.15)
Like the Arabs in 48, Netanyahu dragged his feet and has lost his opportunity. They he went on to insult Obama and the State Department. Meanwhile, Boehner resigned and the Budget was closed for the balance or the Obama years. Congressmen on vacation in Israel in October should have told Netanyahu, probably did. The budget was done so the US would retain a government despite the Tea Party faction.
7. Booboo hobnobs with the goyim
Helix Felix ,   Singapore   (11.08.15)
His favorite activity (except for springing terrorists from jail.)
8. Rabin was AGAINST a Palestinian state
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (11.08.15)
He made this clear in his 1995 address to the Knesset. He envisioned palestinian autonomy with Israel keeping the settlement blocs & the Jordan Valley.
9. HELP! How does one impeach the PM of Israel?
Netanyahu MUST! be thrown out of office!! So many people are leaving Israel because of the different countries' surrounding political situation - and now even more! so! PEOPLE ARE ALSO NOW LEAVING ISRAEL BECAUSE NETANYAHU IS PRIME MINISTER!!
10. # 1 Bingo!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (11.08.15)
obama can't comprehend his power and popularity are gone with he wind as will he be in a year... Worst president ever.
11. Obama is going to use Ryan's own budget rhetoric
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (11.08.15)
to show both Ryan and Bibi who is boss. For the USA there is no up-side to helping Israel and in REALITY there is no down-side to kicking Bibi in the teeth. Bibi is going to come home a wounded animal. Also Bibi is going to make the huge sums that Israel gets very visible to middle class Americans who are still not reaping the economic benefits due to republican policies.
12. Since when does a Dem not want to hand out welfare?
JVC ,   LA, USA   (11.08.15)
What a joke, right? Unfortunately in this case I have to applaud Mr. Obama's parsimonious reception for the PM. Israel needs to stand on its own. It's mighty fine that the generous USA has been so supportive of the Zionist venture but when does Herzl's little project finally become solvent? Iran makes it under multiple sanctions, pariah status and all the while thumbs its nose at the West. Israel builds a Beverly Hills on the Mediterranean and then has its hands out asking for more US taxpayer money... Oooo, that does not play well.
13. Well, there's the knife
Cameron ,   USA   (11.08.15)
You knew it was coming.
14. Meeting with the enemy?.
David Fakheri ,   LA USA   (11.08.15)
If " sources in the White House warn that there will not be good tidings regarding Israel's compensation package for the Iran nuclear deal " so why do we have to meet with Obama Who already has been showing his bad attentions toward the Jews world's dangerous security matters in favour of our bloodthirsty enemies
15. Relax, USA has been "bad news" for us the past 7 years!
16. We have a long middle finger for Netanyahu and his thugs
Carol ,   NYC   (11.08.15)
Compensation for what? For being a total pain in our butt? Go finance your own freaking wars. We had it with your fanaticism. All of you deserve each other in ME. Fight each other to death for all we care.
17. The Great Pretender
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (11.08.15)
Make BHO clear with no doubts: either compensation package or war with Iran - now.
18. Speaking of going back to where you came from,
A ,   Belgium   (11.08.15)
Harold Bumpkin Neale, have you booked your flight back home to Bungholia, hopefully by way of Sharm e-Sheikh? Enough of your masquerading as an American.
19. US is already irreversibly bankrupt
Tomer ,   il   (11.08.15)
America has 200 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities - all based upon a 17 Trillion annual GDP. The whole rotten structure is being kept afloat for a few more months (or a few years at most) by zero interest rates, statistical lies and MSNBC propaganda. Bibi has nothing to ask for from from this sinking ship.
20. As for Ran Baratz's comments - my take on it -
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.08.15)
Baratz has no cause for apologizing. American govt. officials have been dissing Israeli govt. since Obama came to office. "You get what you give".
21. Netanyahu will get plenty
zionist forever   (11.08.15)
Netanyahu will certainly be getting a very generous defense windfall as compensation for the Iran deal do doubt about that Obama has been trying to buy Netanyahu for months get him to drop objections to the deal so he will certainly get that. Its also probable he will get an increase in the money to the development of Arrow 3 and probably a small increase in the amount of annual military aid. This is an election year so Obama has to pretend to be pro Israel if he wants the next president to be a Democrats. The US arms companies will be lobbying for Israel to get the money because they want the contracts so Netanyahu won't come home empty handed. He doesn't expect to get anything like $5 billion its just a starting figure to negotiate from because if he starts high he will finish with more than he will get if he starts low
22. Homeless Americans Sleep On Street
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.08.15)
Forty-six millions on Federal food assistance. Un-emplyment is well above 10 percent no what the lying US government says. Netanyahu wants five billion dollars to cause trouble in the Middle East and oppress the Palestinians. Obama should tell him he won't get one red cent until Israel stops the occupation of the West Bank.
23. Obama has one year left to bully the Jewish State
C   (11.08.15)
obama is a vindictive, dishonest man. the united states depends on israel for intelligence and technological advances. israel is on the forefront of the battle against the jihadists. israel is not a vassal state. obama has already destroyed lybia, handing it over to islamist terrorists. obama withdrew american troops from iraq thus enabling the creation of the islamic state. obama let iran keep its nuclear weapons program. all of obama's foreign policies have and do pose a grave threat to israel's national security. obama made promises to some democratic members of congress in return for their vote on iran. those promises will not be kept. obama's presidency is a complete failure.
24. A lost cause for N'yahu. They don't want u here.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.08.15)
Stay home until someone maybe likes you.
25. Netanyahu is on par with Churchill, while Obama, oh please..
26. 6 Mark
C   (11.08.15)
the few billions that israel will get is nothing compared to the entire budget. furthermore, israel largely contributes to american intelligence and defence technologies. the monies spent are spent mostly in the us on american products.
27. The meeting will go well
Benji ,   US   (11.08.15)
Obama is eager to repair the relationship with Israel and not alienate Jewish voters and more importantly, Jewish donors. Israelis are lucky to have Netanyahu advocating for them.
28. The problem with senior US gov't officials
US citizen ,   US   (11.09.15)
, as with every other government's officials: they're just human and us little sensitive humans get our little delicate sensibilities bruised. Thanks be there is One who is more and greater than all mere humans.
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