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Author Amos Oz declines to participate in official events
Merav Yudilovich
Published: 08.11.15, 12:54
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1. Left wing arrogance
Shimon ,   Poleg   (11.08.15)
When will leftists understand and accept democracy. In a democratic process this man's opinion matters as much as mine and a street cleaner in Jaffa. It's called democracy we all have one vote and one voice. No matter how shrill and whiny this man's voice is it counts as much as any other Israeli. We all vote and the resultant government is formed. He cannot pick and choose. He should now return all state monies and awards (including his prizes) he has received in the past and become self employed like many of us have been for years. It is strange how leftists are often the most anti-democratic people around.
2. Amos Oz was
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (11.08.15)
He might be a popular fiction writer, but when it comes to understanding the facts, like reading the Koran and understanding how the koran instructs its adherents to lie, cheat and kill for the sake of Islam, that he does not seem to do adequate research. Go buy a Koran and read it in the toilet room and you will come out a changed person...
3. About time we regurgitate this abomination from our midst!
4. Only a legend in his own mind.
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.08.15)
5. another example of why i have no respect for and stopped rea
ralph   (11.08.15)
reading his books. in fact threw out what i had.
6. He never will be missed
Sidney ,   California   (11.08.15)
7. The Germans just love him !!
TragicFigure ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.08.15)
For 30 years he has been a welcome and well paid guest in German circles' spreading his gospel of suicidal remedies for the situation here and assuaging the consciences of the second generation of Nazi descendants. If there exists somewhere a medal for spreading anti Israel propaganda he should get it perhaps share it with Achinoam Nini and it should be made of 22 carat gold
8. Amos Oz
sasha sedan ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.08.15)
Amos Oz spoke up for those Israelis who are critical of the Netanyahu government while noting that he does NOT support BDS. I feel sorry for the trolls who brand him all kinds of things but I am glad that Oz made his statement. I know also that I am not alone in this. Oz is the reasoned response to a boycott. He should be applauded.
9. Useful Idiot of extraordinary caliber.Judo-quisling to boot!
10. This is news worthy? Pathetic!
Shadoil79 ,   Jerusalem   (11.08.15)
11. Boycott abroad
The Wizard of Oz ,   Israel   (11.08.15)
So the peacenik leftist author with big protekzia has decided to boycott Government events abroad. Who cares? He represents nobody but the elderly rich cuckoo leftist elite who are rapidly dying off anyway.
12. as if, Deputy Minister Tzipi Hotovely was going 2 invite him
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (11.08.15)
let us then NOT 4get that she's recently revamped the FM program and removed all of the lefties from the list.
13. Ghetto mentality of Israeli cringer waxing into favours
ab   (11.08.15)
of the "opinion"
14. Our continuous war with the Arabs......
tiki ,   belgium   (11.08.15)
has continued into a war with the whole world???????? What continuous war with the Arabs? At his age he should understand already that were Israel not a Jewish country, nobody would give a damn about this 'war' with the Arabs. So in this light, his disengagement from being a 'spokesperson for Israel can only be seen as a positive because Israeli leftists attacking their elected PM in the world is only a grist on the mills of the EU Israel/Jew haters.
15. the problem with Amos Oz: he is an intellectual
intellectuals lack intuition and common sense. they over analyse. they are rigid and unable to bend or to see the changing historical trends. oz cannot see that what was imaginable years ago has become impossible today. oz's claim that the government has radicalised leaves out the parts of the history where the muslim world is in chaos and more than ever ready to kill jews. oz's paranoia regarding european boycotts of israel is not realistic. extreme measures such as boycotting el al would lead to serious retaliations by israel. israel today is not the fragile nascent country of the early years of the state. oz himself is obviously being mendatious when he claims that he is not boycotting israel. oz needs to find some humility. he should think of those young people who every day risk their lives so that he can stand on a pedestal and pontificate about the evil deeds of his government.
16. Amos Oz Is A Wise Man ....
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.08.15)
And Proof That Not All In Israel Have Taken The Wrong Path. And as proof of just how dark the average Israeli has become one only needs to read the venom posted against Oz on this very site.
17. Reponse to Jossi Grunpeter
Steven ,   Rockville MD USA   (11.09.15)
You questioned the small number of followers your fellow lefty Amos Os has in Israel. The reason is very simple: they are smarter than you are.
18. Amos Oz is right.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.09.15)
If Israel destroys the whole world, where are Jews going to live?
19. Amos Oz
Stanley ,   Clearwater USA   (11.09.15)
Amos Oz continues to express his paranoid schizophrenic views at the expense of his troubled country.
20. post 15 is mine
C   (11.09.15)
21. He has kids, right? I don't envy them...
22. Amos oz
Dr violette assuied ,   Israel   (11.11.15)
He has the nobel prize in mind: that s why. Lot of money in there for him
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