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Jewish community in Sweden not invited to Kristallnacht commemoration
Itamar Eichner
Published: 10.11.15, 00:17
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1. Jews are better off not joining Goyim in their events.
Don   (11.10.15)
Let them make their own Kristallnacht event.
2. All Oficialls in Sweden are -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.10.15)
- ass-lickers of the Antijewish Swedish Governments Policy. Because of the long Reighn period of the Socialdemokraticv party in Sweden, somr 70 years of the last 85. almosr every official are Socialists. Arn.Sweden.
3. Thank The Left
Christy ,   Boston, US   (11.11.15)
The anti-West/America/Israel Left has a grip on most of Europe. They sympathize with the so-called Palestinians, not Israel. They are also in the process of destroying their own culture. I pray for groups in Europe who aren't favored by the Left that's in power now. (Mainly Christians and Jews are disliked.) I believe most of what we're seeing is just more prophecy unfolding. Don't think we're that far away from the End of This Age.
4. Why would any sane person or organization want to
Rivkah   (11.11.15)
CELEBRATE KRYSTALNACHT??? But I saw in the eyes and smile and expression of a German woman named Inge Mingus of California years ago the glee of Krystalnacht to her from her childhood days in Hitler Germany. She REVELED in it! It was so sickening to see her joy in such suffering. How repulsive. Her sorrow at the bombing of Dresden, however, was to me deserved since the glassworks and beauty of Dresden deservedly were destroyed considering Krystalnackt. The hatred of some people for Jews is unimaginable. Inge Mingus is going to hell or already is there since I don't know if she is living or dead. Such hatred can only be from Satan when the target is the people who preserved the seventh day Sabbath and the Commandments, the very reasons Adolf Hitler hated the Jews. He said he hated Jews because they brought morals to the body and conscience to the mind. He wanted to be free from morality and conscience, deceived by Satan's lie that liberty is license when liberty is obedience to the Commandments of haShem and His Son.
5. Whatever happens in Sweden from now on is irrelevant to the
sane portion of our planet. So....whatever. At this point they're beyond repair.
6. Sweden has already become an islamic country..
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.10.15)
..the islamic devil, allah, has a strong foothold there. And soon, the female population will be treated like the yezidi-girls. Congratulation Sweden, your leftist politicians has turn your country into a hell, by opening the borders for unlimited numbers of the evil cult of islam.
7. Sweden is already an islamic country..
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.11.15)
... why the fuzz?? In some years the there will be riots..
8. Yes, the silly Arabs think that Kristallnacht was about them
Tomer ,   IL   (11.10.15)
The Swedish Leftists do not want them to discover the politically incorrect truth !
9. welcome
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (11.10.15)
What can I say more. Welcome to the new Europe. The shame about anti-Semitism is over. BDS is the new name and ideology.
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