MK to Lehava head: 'You're ISIS with a kippah'
Omri Efraim and Attila Somfalvi
Published: 10.11.15, 20:01
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1. lehava
New Yorker ,   New York, USA   (11.10.15)
didn't the nazis also have a weird obsession with "sexual relations," forbidding "dating" between aryans and Jews? not to mention of course street thugery; preoccupations with racial purity; this man and his organization are extremely dangerous; whether he is tolerated and ignored, and allowed to grow more powerful, or stopped cold, will tell us about the fate and future of the Jewish nation; and stopping "assmilation' is a rediculous pretext for bullying and intimidation; forcing people to be religious is indeed no different from ISIS; eager to see how the Israeli establishment and populace face this challenge
2. Ban Islam too that forbids Jewish man/Muslim woman relations
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.10.15)
3. Democracy for Arab & Communst MKs, tyranny for anyone else
Rozie   (11.10.15)
It is beyond a rational mind that Michal Rozin and her clan don't say a word when the Arab MKs call for the destruction of Israel. This includes Zoabi, Tibi, Zahalka, Zarsur and the rest of the clan. They should be ashamed of themselves. To them democracy is one way. They will allow those to voice their ideas that agree with them...if anyone does not agree with them there is no freedom of speech and no democracy. Disgraceful bunch. They allow the greatest enemies of Israel speak and they support them. I hope that the people of Israel wakeup.
4. Mr. Gopstein, the time for honoring urself will
Israela ,   Israel   (11.10.15)
soon be at an end. You will be judged as you have judged others.
5. It is people like Gopstein who r destroying Israel
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (11.10.15)
connie mack ,   camden   (11.11.15)
In your above article you reported: "Gopstein caused further uproar when he asked Hasson, "Would you be prepared for your daughter to marry an Arab?" The Arab MKs in the room shouted angrily at him, asking him what concern it was of his and calling him a "terrorist, racist Nazi." end of quote. How would the Arab MKs respond and/or react if they were asked whether they would allow, sanction and attend their child's marriage to a Zionist Jew of the same or opposite sex as that child? May we ask them, please? In Camden, a parent who insists that an offspring marry a someone of the same faith and the opposite sex might be considered insular, parochial and conservative, but not racist or Nazi.
7. Gopstein is a blight on Judaism
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (11.11.15)
I'm a religious settler and there is no question that Gopstein and his band of thugs are the definition of hilul hashem. They are sinat chinam in flesh and blood and have no place in Israel, other than to be shunned by every minyan until he does tshuva and starts respecting Hashem and His laws. All of them.
8. Why no outrage at blatant treason by Arab MKs?
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.11.15)
Gopstein is against intermarriage. Is that so bad? So is Judaism. So is the Muslim faith too. Why aren't the good liberal MKs outraged at Muslim believers? We saw absolute outrage at Gopstein's opinions. Yet we never see such outrage when Arab MKs commit blatant treason against Israel. The conduct of liberal MKs is total cowardice and hypocrisy.
9. Again proof that the left is anti-democratic
Daniel ,   TA _ IL   (11.11.15)
even though I disagree with lehava and am even afraid of them, the reaction of the left scare me more. They pretend to be respectful, though time and again proof themselves to be fascist. But then again mussolini was a communist and Nazis are an abbreviation of national socialism... by the way the Nazis and muslims were also the best of friends!
10. leftists think anybody who disagrees with them is a problem
zionist forever   (11.11.15)
Orthodox and wanting to try and stop assimilation is not a bad thing. Some of the nicest people I have met in Israel have been orthodox and assimilation is the biggest enemy of Judaism not anti semitism or wars because the fact the religion can only be passed via the mother if a man has a child with a non Jewish woman it won't be Jewish so end of the line. In Israel assimilation with arabs should certainly be avoided. This is a bunch of elitist leftists who think they are the enlightened and religious people are backwards & enemies of the state
11. Gopstein and his band must be forbidden
Sam Benamou ,   Paris, France   (11.11.15)
Gopstein and his band promotes sexual and marriage discrimination, which is something that almost never happened in History, except with nazism and apartheid. He is an enemy of democracy. Democracy must protect its citizens and fight its enemies. That's why Lehava must be forbidden.
Sabri abualruz ,   Amman Jordan   (11.11.15)
Extremists should be under restrictions , anywhere they are , this KNESET MEMBER , who wishes to inundate the society in chaos and turmoil and to pour resentment and hatred against Arabs , should be severely punished and must spend all his life in solitary jail Damnation and bitter curse to such extremists , really he is ISIS MEMBER
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