Kansas white supremacist sentenced to death
Published: 11.11.15, 09:56
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1. sentence to death?
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (11.11.15)
Amen to the decision! (end)
2. death sentence?
mario ,   Porat. Israel   (11.11.15)
The judge made him a big favor with the death sentence. Should stay alive smontare live in some Jewish community.....
3. I hope Israel does the same and soon.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (11.11.15)
Israel may have fewer senseless attacks on Jews if she had the death penalty. Maybe it's time to just do it? KEEP BUILDING !!!
4.  Failure of the left
ky   (11.11.15)
Reactionary violence is becoming a recurring theme Somewhere amongst all this horror lies a dormant truth. Why should a human being turn to a failed political idea that can only bring disaster ? It may be that liberals and the left have caused this rabid reactionary uprising amongst many people because of their arrogance in pretending that they know all the answers.and imposing them in the education system . Society needs balance when the balance goes awry this is the result
5. if he had killed Jews he wouldnt have got the death penalty
k ,   US   (11.11.15)
probably a short stay in a mental hospital and than a release on probation
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