Steven Salaita: BDS’s favorite martyr
Asaf Romirowsky
Published: 14.11.15, 11:57
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1. A Question
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.14.15)
Does one have to be an antisemite in order to be anti-zionist ?
2. "victimhood" is the sole domain of zionists.
USA   (11.14.15)
3. He need not worry: Allah is entering minds of both Americans
Allah Fuckbar   (11.14.15)
and Europeans. The Dark Force is with him & his Islamofascist ilk....
4. BDS = BS
Morty Mooze ,   Thornhill, ON, CA   (11.15.15)
Arabs-to-Arabia Jews-to-Jewrusalem-and-Judea!!! MOVE THE MOSQUE TO SYRIA!!! =========================== Ans the so-called "Palestinians" will follow!!!
5. Salaita should blame himself.
Brad ,   USA   (11.15.15)
If his rants cost him a job, it's because somebody recognized his irrational position for what it is. If Salaita wants to be taken seriously, he needs to stop talking stupid.
6. Hamas and Fatah deny and Applaud Nazi Genocide
Zola   (11.16.15)
The many Islam and secular fascists and Neo Pol Pot Kheumer Rhouge applaud Genocide of which many in the BDS are allied within .
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