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Syrian passed through Greece before attacking in Paris
Rachel Cadars
Published: 14.11.15, 22:42
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1. How many of these "refugees" is the US bringing in?
Good luck   (11.14.15)
2. Can anyone still deny the truth of Torah?
Juliana   (11.14.15)
The Torah clearly depicts Yishamel (Arabs) whose “hands will be against everyone and everyone’s hands will be against him….”
3. I urge a moderate proportional
Ran Billow ,   Ho Chi Minh City   (11.14.15)
Response. And calm on all sides. The French must remember to respect diversity and Islam. They must be mature and behave responsibly. Their boycotting of Occupation goods must continue and be redoubled.
4. now they know why we use checkpoints. no phony arab excuses
ralph   (11.14.15)
5. arabs must understand carty a knife, gun at an israeli and
ralph   (11.14.15)
attack you will die. simple rule.
6. Criminal Western leaders
C   (11.14.15)
stop appeasing and cuddling islam and start protecting your innocent indigenous populations. during wwii german refugees were not allowed into allied countries. the germans were the enemy and were treated as such. the savages of the islamic state must be totally defeated regardless of cost and regardless of civilian casualties. stop allowing into europe and the us so called syrian refugees, most of who are young able bodied men from all over the muslim world and who are vicious and violent. sweeden is on the verge of collapse and germany has run out of vaccines for some thirty diseases. europe, wake up before it is too late.
7. Europe, wake up
C   (11.14.15)
your enemies are not the jews, but the terror army of an islamic state that has declared a caliphate. israel is not the problem, but the supremacist ideology of islamism. if you do not defeat this entrenched enemy, the lives of your children will be forever endangered and your way of life and liberties gone forever.
8. Your forgot
Po Kipoo ,   Mo Jing   (11.14.15)
to mention the "cycle of violence" ...
9. EU is a joke in a long run...........
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (11.15.15)
If they have no solution in the long run EU will be operating like a fail state without security....................First World Somali.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (11.16.15)
The entire idea of EU being w/o borders is just stupid. The creation of EU was a huge disaster to begin with. Europe lost its manufacturing compatibility so just they can compete with USD. Now, they have no borders and pretty soon the entire continent is going to be practicing Sharia law.
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