Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Welcome to World War Three
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 14.11.15, 22:54
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1. WW3 not yet Still Time
Zechariah   (11.15.15)
Tragic cruel Warning .Reminder.The Terror attack killing persons listening to music and eating at restaurants or watching soccer to murder maim and wound -Reveals a madness and barbarism and fanaticism of greater danger in the world especially the WMD world . Time exist for countermeasures .
2. No Need for World War Three
Daniel ,   Israel   (11.15.15)
No need for WWIII. Need for suffering nations from India, USA, Russia and most of Europe including Israel; come to gather. Destroy "Darra Adam Khel" in Pakistan; the city supplying fire arms to the terrorists; completely wipe it out. This will stop arms and ammunition supply. Systematically eliminate the extremist organizations around middle east and some part of Africa. Destroy sources of money supplies to these groups from middle east. Most important; keep UN out; humanitarian language terrorists do not understand; they only understand "gun language".
3. a joint intelligence that will perform assessments????
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (11.15.15)
No it will not work until another much much bigger Sept 11 in Europe or in USA. Most Britishs and Americans in still believe Russia shot down MH17 and isil/isis arms is not American funded. If I'm Putin I will fight my own war like now in Syria without Yankees. America is a joke to Putin/world in the war against terrorism. As a matter of facts US is waiting for Russian to make a mistake. Is sad Israel is too entangle to US otherwise Russian is more genuine and and righteous.
4. RON. You did it again, perfect analysys and forecast.
DOV ,   USA   (11.15.15)
5. when eu calls tell them first prove competence in back yard.
ralph   (11.15.15)
6. The West will do nothing
Devorah   (11.15.15)
except make noise.
7. World War - 3
Biju Joseph ,   Jubail Saudi Arabia   (11.15.15)
This catastrophe was purchased by France itself. How can one expect to give food to a poisonous snake and expect it to be friendly and not bite ?
8. Radical Islam
Isaac Balbin ,   Melbourne, Australia   (11.15.15)
What is it? Is it just D'aesh who are Shiites or is also Sunni Saudi's who chop people's heads off as punishment. Yediot needs to define where the line of radicalism starts. If the french bomb ISIS positions and there are civilian casualties and they knew there would be, does that make the French radical?
9. Two state solution now!
JVC ,   LA, USA   (11.15.15)
The French are occupying the banlieues. They have no business being in there! The banlieues are for the peoples of North Africa, Asyria and "Palestine." France out, now! No Frenchman goes in those areas anyway. The two state solution is the only solution! Label and boycott French products! Do not tolerate the subjugation and occupation of those who practice the "religion of peace," by those who practice amphibian mimicry. Peace now! France out!
10. The Paris attacks happened within 24 hours of the implementa
Rivkah   (11.15.15)
implementation of the product labeling requirement law passed by the European Union that required "from the Israeli settlements" be on the labels. YHVH is enraged at the BDS movement against His Israel. Soooooo, YHVH lifted his hedge of protection from France (tribe of Reuben). Scriptures says YHVH will save Joseph (USA) and Judah (Israel) but nowhere is it written in Scriptures that Reuben or Dan or some of the other ancient tribes.
11. Ron Ben Yishai is on a 12 step road to acknowledging reality
Allah Fuckbar   (11.15.15)
He's close to the last one: it's WW3 indeed, but not "Radical Islam vs West"; it's simply: "Islam vs Free World". Admittedly he is much, much more enlightened than large portion of our own politicians.
12. The whole cult of islam is evil...
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.15.15)
.. what good has come out of islam ?? Nothing, jut terror, murder and killings. Islam should be banned in western countries.
13. Western leaders do not admit we are in WWIII
C   (11.15.15)
western leaders prefer to appease and cuddle islam. western leaders will not protect their own populations since they do not accept that islamism is a deadly enemy. western leaders care more about muslim refugees than about preserving their populations and their way of life. all that said, this was a colossal intelligence failure. there will continue to be intelligence failures as long as europe lacks the political will to acknowledge the grave problems with political islam.
14. Obama will not even admit to islamic terror
C   (11.15.15)
obama refuses to this day to call islamic terror by its name. he ironically claims that the islamic state is not islamic.
15. Lybian weapons flowing into Europe
C   (11.15.15)
we can thank obama for turning lybia into a stateless mayhem the murder of qadaffi left his weapons stores unguarded and for the picking by islamists.
16. this analysis is so far off from the truth
picaso ,   israel   (11.16.15)
Yes we are all against radicalism, yet The west is the party creating wars in moslem countries, afghanistan, iraq, lebia, killing 100s of thousands in the name of democracy and human rights , the west is the party trying to force moslem countries to live according to western ideals and beliefs , not the otherway artound…
17. Ron Ben Yishay- still believe in "Piece" ?
Leah Goldsmith ,   Itamar Israel   (11.16.15)
You should be writing an article on your knees begging for the forgiveness of your brothers who have been holding down the foundation stones of this Land and confess your stupidities of the past.
18. Paris does not justify Israel isolation
Georges Ugeux ,   New York   (11.16.15)
I might have followed Ron Ben-Yishai until the last part of his post. Europe has chosen, despite or maybe because of its diversity to remain an open continent. It is reaching the limits of its policy with one million candidate refugees at its borders. The Beirut and Paris aggressions are made in the name of Allah, and are repelled by all Muslim organizations. It would be as unfair to attribute the guilt to Israel's occupation of Palestine as it would be to blame Islam as a whole. Israel has chosen to isulate itself from each and all of its neighbors including by building a wall that reminds us of the Berlin wall and is exactly what Donald Trump is promoting in the United States. For philosophical, geographic and historical reasons, the European solution will not be to isolate itself from its neighbors. What the author suggests is exactly what the neonazis of France and Germany are preaching. Europe will and must remain democratic, secular (as opposed to the Jewish State) and democratic. France has 5 million Muslims on its territory. It is almost 10% of its population. It also hosts and welcomes 600,000 Jews, the largest community after Israe The European ideal would be betrayed by following the Israeli model. What it will need to do, is upgrade what has been a laxist security system. It will be painful and risky. It must be done.
19. i cant think a reason why they dont choose Germany...
Adler J   (11.16.15)
after all, Syrians are non-EU citizens and non-Swiss citizens, they must renounce their syrian citizenship in order to get the germany/
20. Get real Rivkah
Tanya ,   London, UK   (11.15.15)
I've read your thoughts before. You're of the same mentality as the terrorists in France... You need to invoke your 'god' in order to back up your own prejudice and cover your own psychopathy.
21. FB Harold Neale :"Arab like you can be educated."
A ,   Belgium   (11.16.15)
Cretin like you will never be!
22. fb Robert Levine: You've raised the demon of stupidity from
A ,   Belgium   (11.16.15)
the depths of ignorance, now exorcise him.
23. war is easily started but difficult to stop
robert ,   antwerp belgium   (11.15.15)
The human cost of war is also very high. I can only pray that common sense will come back in the minds of all people in the world and make them understand that there is only benefit in peace, never in war
24. FB Craig Wood: Why not start at home first?
A ,   Belgium   (11.17.15)
Stop the 400 year occupation of Native American lands and return them to their rightful owners, in your case, the Dakota Sioux and Ojibwa tribes...hypocrite!
Alan ,   SA   (11.17.15)
Congrats Ron,you wrote a prize winning article.One of best ever that appeared in Y Net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26. "France allowed Charlie Hebdo caricatures"
Adler J   (11.18.15)
-In 2005 the Jyllands Posten Muhammad cartoons/ Copenhagen- An Imam offered a reward to kill the danish cartoonist, still a decade after, the cartoonist is exhibiting his drawings in a Danish Art Museum and galleries all over his country.
27. Comment on the analysis..
Adler J   (11.18.15)
but you said that ISIS prefer striking in Europe because of Christians and because ISIS still perceived europe as the base of what centuries ago were the Crusaders. So you are contradicting your previous comment, where you suggested the beginning of ISIS atacks with the Russian plane explosion in Egypt, and Egypt is not in Europe neither a Feidal Crusader intended to supplant the byzantine romans, and Russia actually is not controlled by Rome neither by Pope Francis.
28. there is no justification for committing terrorist acts
Adler J   (11.18.15)
"France enacted a ban on women to wear the hijab in public places". -The Dutch parliament decided to introduce a ban to wear hijab and face covering clothing, not just France. Similar laws have been passed in Belgium as well. Even in Turkey where Atartuk introduced a series of regulations designed to keep regious symbols out of the scene, when Erdogan changed those regulations said: "Headscarf wearing women are full members of our society as well of those who not wear it".
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