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At G20, Obama vows renewed effort to eliminate Islamic State
Published: 15.11.15, 20:39
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1. From the Ashes into the Fire !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.16.15)
Eliminate ISIS and pave the Way for the Shia-Islamic Caliphate in its place. It will be worse !. Without knowing it, the Obama Promise serves the Devil in the shorter term, However, This shows the Supremacy of HASHEMS Worldrule that, HIS Word will come to pass. Arn.Sweden.
2. Mr. Obama's words mean nothing, but for a fawning press.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (11.16.15)
3. By eliminating ISIS Obama will empower Iran
naro ,   nyc   (11.16.15)
ISIS is Iran's sworn enemy. Let these two versions of rabbid dog Islam fight each other. Keep out of it. And keep Muslims out of the USA and Europe.
4. The suspect no.1 from 1600 Pennsylvania Av. is saying what?!
5. Europe is irrelevant at best, and harmful at worst
C   (11.15.15)
eu member states are letting in very large numbers of muslims, called "syrian refugees," but most of whom are young able bodied men who are violent and who will never contribute to the host country. the open borders of the european union are a magnet for all manner of jihadists to infiltrate europe and move from one country to the next carrying jihad with them. europe will lose its values and character if its leaders will refuse to wake up to the reality that they must name and define the enemy and fight it. europe cannot depend solely on the united states to fight its wars.
6. Obama is useless, at best
c   (11.16.15)
obama is giving the shia terrorists a hundred billion dollars and lets them keep their nuclear weapons program. obama has created the failed state of lybia and as such has armed the jihadists with the best conventional weapons. obama has let the syrian butcher assad gass civilians. obama has withdrawn us forces from iraq. thus obama has contributed to the rise of the islamic state. he will do nothing about it.
7. What's obama going to do to defeat ISIS?
talk them to death? Gotta get rid of obama. A NY colunmist ( Goodwin) posted that either obama fight or resign. Why not impeachment now that Boehner is gone ? ( remember it was Boehner who nixed impeachment... WHY?) obama sux at everything.. That's this obamas Muslims cure for all inadequacies topped by cowardice.
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