Opinion  Ronen Bergman
France's miserable intelligence failure
Ronen Bergman
Published: 16.11.15, 00:12
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1. France is still sleeping.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (11.16.15)
The West is sleeping too. The cultural narrative is dominated by a politically correct worldview that disallows for "inferiority" or "inequality" of ideas. Everything is the same. We're all the same, stop micro-aggressioning me, etc. Islam is bankrupt. Fundamentalist Islam is murderous. Until that gets digested & we summon up the courage to deploy boots on the ground and impose a Marshall Plan on the Middle East, i.e. destroy their way of life and supplant it with our own, you can expect more of the same. That's a tall order but guess what... At the end of the day it's gonna be us or them.
2. test
Avi   (11.16.15)
3. France fought the wrong ennemy
Avi L.   (11.16.15)
In the last 20 years France's main internal security efforts have been dedicated to smothering any dissident voice denouncing the islamist danger. Denouncing call to make sharia the law of the land instead of republican laws, denouncing hate mongering preachers, denouncing antisemitism, denouncing call to subvert western societies through jihad and proselytism and mass immigration (see Khadafi declarations) was met by internal security investigations and many times by prosecution for "islamophobia". Islamist preachers were free to call for the destruction of western society unhindered while government was acting as a proxy of islamist interests, be it for want of votes be it for want of some oil monarchies shady favors.
4. ... continued
Avi L.   (11.16.15)
... Maybe the worst is the rise of the extreme right, allied with Putin, propelled by the people reaction of this will to collaborate with the islamists. Last development for the worse is center right presidential candidate (and convicted of graft) Juppé declaring that in order to fight ISIS France should pinch its nose and make friend with Putin's Russia (which is NOT bombing ISIS), Assad and Iran (potential market). These three being allegedly a lesser evil than ISIS and other mad dogs. How to sweep once more problems under the rug.
5. Idiotic French govt. busy worshipping "Palestinians"
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.16.15)
Keeping its citizens safe is not a high priority with the idiotic French government. It is far too busy demonizing wonderful Israel and worshipping backward, violent "Palestinian" poseurs.
6. Evidence of even a single dead body?
Murray the K ,   Brooklyn, NY   (11.16.15)
The only people TO BE BLAMED for the devastating attacks in Paris were the perpetrators themselves ,whoever they were.
What truly IS important , critically important in fact , is for France ,and the rest of Europe ,to label jewish goods / products etc.
9. What will it take to fight this evil?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (11.16.15)
A mind set as cruel as they and, that's difficult for sane people to imagine. If there's a nation sans Muslims, you have peace. KEEP BUILDING !!!
10. Wasn't France who pushed for a "two state solution?"
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (11.16.15)
I wonder how that's going over in France now? When a certain percentage of Muslim residents are reached, they become emboldened and this is the result, terror. Famed city of light now on dim. ISRAEL, KEEP BUILDING !!!
11. Seriously? You keep on blaming Moishe or Secret Service ?How
Allah Fuckbar   (11.16.15)
about total failure of the elected politicians to acknowledge the real cause/culprit IN SPITE of the political correctness, enforced from above by the Leftist Academia & journalists? Forget about Europe, forget about Israel and in the end forget about the USA, if the silent conspiracy not to call the child by its name goes on much longer. It's: Islam vs Infidels. There's only ONE ALLAH and there is only ONE ISLAM! You dumb, sorry-ass twats.
12. Ronen Bergman article
Marc ,   Tel Aviv   (11.16.15)
arrogant analysis which just indicates that the writer does not know a thing about french reality
13. France & the West in general lack the political will
C   (11.16.15)
europe is a slave to the terror states of the gulf, specially saudi arabia. the radical mosques are mostly financed by the saudis. france needs to change its laws so that those who join the jihad will be declared traitors to the french republic and either imprisoned for decades or refused entry intro france.
14. No. 1, You are right! It is either them or us.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.17.15)
The believing Muslims want to turn the clock back 1400 years and take the whole world with them. They will either adapt to the scientific realities of today, becoming more secular and tolerant in thinking, or be destroyed by inflexible Shariah Law.
15. france intelligence failure
tomer ,   jerusalem   (11.17.15)
ronen bergman is right in what he writes,but in addition to operational issues there is still a questions with legal questions. In france the security services are tight up in a complex liberal legal framework. For example : Are they allowed to arrest and keep in detention ?We saw just yesterday ,they round up suspects on their 'S" files and keep them under house-arrest ,some now with electronic movement tags?? etc .etc. Its not only a french problem. What is with intelleligence sharing betwenn the numerous services in europe? Germany alone has BND and in every country an independent "verfassungsschutz"? Like this europe wants to handle islamic Dhjihaddists????
16. don't lay all the blame @ the intell agencies...
Rafi ,   US   (11.17.15)
The fundamental and colossal miscalculation was the FULL responsibility of previous govts in Europe during the 1970's and 80's for admitting hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants... In France this involved nearly a million North and sub-Saharan African Muslims and in the UK similar #'s of Pakistani, Indian and Bengali Muslims. As is well known, these immigrants have congregated in crime-ridden and radical-based ghettos where local authorities can barely enter, and have lost effective control. So... it was those original govts that created today's mess - and which subsequently - and unfairly - handed it off to today's police and intell services to try to monitor and control! Those former govt officlals should be outted and placed on trial for gross incompetence.
17. culture wars
New Yorker ,   New York, USA   (11.19.15)
it's already over; they're coming to eat us alive; we're so busy with on line shoping, bariatric surgery and lifestyles of the rich and famous, who's got the time or energy to defend civilization and the Western world?
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