Red Crescent ambulance leaves wounded at scene of terror attack untreated
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 15.11.15, 23:17
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1. feel bad for this specific family but....
Israela ,   Israel   (11.16.15)
Oh pleeze, so many other West Bank Settlers have been carrying on and screaming out for weeks and weeks now that: "Jews should be treated first! Leave the Arab terrorists and any other non-Jews at the scene of an attack for later!" Do Settlers think they live in a vacuum? Do Settlers think that Arabs are deaf or that they don't speak, read and write English and Hebrew? I am NOT at all making an excuse for this particular Red Crescent Ambulance Team...but really, what were the Settlers expecting? After all they themselves set the tone with their inhumane demand that medical triage be abandoned!
2. the FB TBs r richly sanctimonious...
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (11.16.15)
these are, after all the same people who have been demanding that MDA (Magen David Adom) not treat get what you pay for!
3. Ofer MDA is a FULL MEMBER of the Red Cross
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (11.16.15)
in fact our MDA has a special status which allows it to become an arm of the IDF during war time. Really Ofer go read the facts before running up with falsehoods.
4. Red Crescent are Arabs, what do you expect?
Reuven   (11.16.15)
5. Any other behavior would be worrisome, since departing from
the teachings of Religion of peace. We prefer to stay reassured by its followers hyena-like behavior: this is what we expect (at best)
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