Netanyahu: In Europe, they blame Israel for terrorism
Matan Tzuri
Published: 18.11.15, 18:48
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1. Sweden gave the NaZis Iron Ore
Zechariah   (11.18.15)
In WW2 Sweden gave the Nazis Iron Ore. And took few Jewish refugees from Nazism not even for temporary shelter or escape to other Lands . The Genocide was supported by IslamsGrand Mufti of Jerusalem the City of Peace .
2. Jewish people , non-stop scapegoats.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (11.18.15)
might be a light unto the nations by .adopting G-D's precepts.
3. Why was scoundrel Peres invited to speak ?! To subvert ?
ab   (11.18.15)
4. Europe is sinking fast
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (11.19.15)
She's allowed Muslims in and now, Muslims want the Christians out... Too bad Europe is so anti semitic that she also allowed 6 million peaceful Jews to be murdered to make way for these beasts. Now, the Europeans themselves are the Muslims targets. "Vengeance is mine saith the lord." HURRY BUILD MORE MORE EUROPEAN JEWS COMING !!!!
5. Israel the name itself means "To Wrest"
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (11.19.15)
how fitting.. nothing's changed in 4,000 years. Except, this time, we don't lose even among impossible odds. I read that in a 'book'.....
6. The enemy of humanity
US citizen ,   US   (11.19.15)
has, what, like 8 or 9 million excuses, in Israel, for hatred and billions of human haters but greater is He, the One that is greater than all of creation, that is with Israel than all of the mere humans that are and anything else that is aginst her.
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