Report: Israel has 115 nuclear warheads, 660kg of plutonium
Published: 21.11.15, 11:27
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2. Israel will defend herself at all costs
c   (11.21.15)
israel does not accept the obama- clinton doctrine that muslims are peaceful. to the contrary, israel knows that the majority of muslims are barbarians who refuse the existence of a jewish sovereigm in their midst. furthermore, israel knows that europe is undermining itself by letting in large numbers of muslims who are young able bodied men who flee from the fighting in syria and iraq while they go to europe to subjugate their neighbours and rape women and young girls. obama can no longer hide that which is in plain sight. a substantial portion of the muslim population hates the west and its way of life. muslims of all walks of life consider islam to be a superior religion and the rest of the world as dhimmis. they want to kill us, jews, christians, hindis, etc..., and convert the world into a huge islamic caliphate. obama's brother malik is a polygomous muslim who is a member of the muslim brotherhood. malik was best man at obam's wedding.
3. In other words Albright's guessing
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (11.21.15)
he knows nothing but conjecture as the rest of the ill informed. What a loon. KEEP BUILDING !!!
4. You all underestimated the abilities,,,,,,
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (11.21.15)
Is more than 3,500........! (end)
5. I know the truth about their program.
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.21.15)
It's all a myth. I've seen the inside of their facility: two Olympic-size swimming pools (used for swimming and diving), a small but excellent restaurant, even an indoor miniature golf course. The whole thing was a ruse to get the Arabs to think twice about attacking. It's a rest & relaxation facility for government big shots, nothing more. The numbers made up by the author of the article are just that: made up. Israel's conventional weapons are more than a match for anything the Arabs can throw at us. You know why Vanunu was put in prison for so long? He announced to the world that there were Skittle-Ball lanes in the containment building! Really! Give this whole thing a rest. There. I've told you the truth. You going to believe some hair-brained 'journalist' (actually, more like a 'creative writing' exercise), or me, someone who's been inside and won several important Skittle Ball matches?
6. To #5, David
Gabe ,   Canada   (11.21.15)
There is more to it David. You have not seen the underground mushroom growing facility obviously. Those are edible mushrooms destined for export, not nuclear mushroom that people can imagine in the sky.
7. certainly put an end to regular attacks by Arab armies
Cameron ,   USA   (11.21.15)
8. 5
zionist forever   (11.21.15)
With Vanunu no longer being welcome in the country club you can understand why he was bitter
9. 6
zionist forever   (11.21.15)
Do the Europeans label the mushrooms as settlement products?
10. #5:Hey, David: I took second place,but we agreed to shut up!
11. Nuclear warheads will save no humans
US citizen ,   US   (11.23.15)
only the One, who is greater than all mere humans and any other creation, will provide that any humans survive our humanness. Thanks be to the One who is greater than humans, no matter how highly humans value themselves in their own estimation.
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