'A sympathetic ear to whoever needed it'
Ahiya Raved and Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 22.11.15, 23:22
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1. Arabs out. Get them the hell out.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (11.23.15)
2. Cllubbing the cabinet to death
Shindaro   (11.23.15)
Sympathy is nice but it would be better if Israelis would club their anti-Israel elites to death so they can start ridding themselves of the Arab Mohammedan terror.
3. world wants proportionality. eliminate friends, family of
ralph   (11.23.15)
arab murdering barbarian
4. initiate death penalty, shoot to kill, targeted killings
ralph   (11.23.15)
5. No one told her she was living in illegal occupied land?
Ivan ,   Haifa   (11.23.15)
6. Start putting the blame on those responsible
which is none other than the nonelected rdical left judges on the Supreme Court who are out to destroy Israel. If not for the leniencies towards terrorists and their friends and families, this girl might still been alive.
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