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Shas head slams Israel's 'Ashkenazi cash'
Itamar Eichner
Published: 26.11.15, 22:28
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IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (11.27.15)
hostage of your garbage settlement movement.
2. Banknotes
Dan ,   KS   (11.27.15)
I suggest a series with: Abuhatzira, Katzav, Deri, Benizri, Olmart, Hanegbi, Hirschson, Mordechai, etc. A nice mix of Israelis.
3. This fraud shout STFU and be gone from the scene!
4. Deri and Ashkenazim
Robert ,   Arsuf, Israel   (11.27.15)
So a minister who went to jail for bribery and corruption charges is once again raising the specter of discrimination against Mizrahim by Ashkenazim. He should spend his time and effort to managing his ministry and improving the economic condition of all Israelis.
5. these will be the last notes ever released
zionist forever   (11.27.15)
The government is looking to move over to digital banking, supposedly to benefit us but in reality so they know how we are spending our money make sure no more deals done under the table. So these will probably be the last banknotes that the Bank of Israel ever releases so to late now to ever put Mizrahis on banknotes.
6. What does Deri actually care if there are
A ,   Belgium   (11.27.15)
Ashkenazi or Mizrachi faces on the money, it's all the same when it's in his pockets.
7. Thanks G-D,Israel has money
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (11.28.15)
and the elderly should have their part whatever image on the money.
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