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'Allahu Akbar' is No. 1 song on UK charts
Published: 28.11.15, 16:19
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1. so bloody glad my sister & the boys got off that island
Cameron ,   USA   (11.28.15)
2. Most people do not know that Allahu Akbar does not mean
Rivkah   (11.28.15)
Allah is great. It means Allah greater. Greater than who or what? Elohim. It is possibly the mark of the beast in the latter days to have that put on one's hand or forehead (green scarf of Islamic martyrs for example has that on it or Bismullah). Bismullah means in the name of Allah. When Evangelist Walid Shoebat went to the Vatican to look at the Textus Receptus manuscript of Revelation13:18, he found that it did not say a Greek 666 or sigma-sigma-sigma but Arabic writing of Bismullah. It is quite likely the mark of the beast that will send people to hell if they take it in their hand or forehead is an Islamic mantra. So beware. Anyone who takes that mark will go to hell. There is no repentance accepted for that. It is better to be beheaded and to go Elohim's kingdom than to live a longer life and go to hell.
3. I'm going to enjoy watching the Continent burn.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (11.29.15)
4. Complete lie
Courtney ,   Usa   (11.29.15)
I just checked billboard and Spotify, bieber is number one on both, and this Allahabad Akbar song is not on the first 10 anywhere.
5. 666
ben Ish   (11.30.15)
this is the number of (the) *man* Mankind elevates *himself* to the throne of Elohim. The entire world believes on *self* therefore it is MAN who is worshiped as most high by prideful man. Ha Satan is king over all the sons of PRIDE. It is only through humility that anyone can enter the gates of the kingdom. The false prophet is all the lies man tells himself to set himself up as most high. Rationalization. Get off of the throne, you are not most high. You do not understand all things. You do not have all wisdom. The heart of flesh is possessed by the spirit of error, not the spirit of truth. The false prophet tells you to trust your heart, but Jeremiah says the heart is desperately wicked, who can know it? Trust Eloah, El Shaddai, not your own understanding. If you already know and understand everything, why would Elohim bother telling you *anything*? Deny yourself, humble yourself, ask Elohim for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, because you cannot gain these things yourself.
6. #5 In short: get an higher education at a University! yes?
7. #2 Rivkah
Roy ,   Ct SA   (12.01.15)
HA HA HA .....Your stupid comment shows how ignorant you are. Get yourself an education and stop commenting on things that you have no knowledge on. Allahu Akbar mean Allah is the GREATEST, far above ALL His creation.....He is the ONE and ONLY no matter what you call HIM!!!
8. # 2 Hmm, better Google 666 or 7th Day Adventists
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.01.15)
they have a full interpretation of 666 directly taken from the Pope's mitre. Vicarious Filii Dei. ( Can recheck their site ) I give you a D. but, an A for effort. p.s. I have copy written two additional '666's.' So, what? No one cares. Most folks prefer ignorance to truth.
9. # 7 Really?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.01.15)
Jews had one G-d long before the this year, 5777 AD Christians 2,000 AD plus years and then Muslims 600 some thing sorry about not knowing the exact year, bet you do though, right? Greatest of them all? Why then such a bloody genocide Muslim Shia vs. Muslim Sunni? Only Israel in the ME has peace. Just a fact. Happy Holidays.
10. 5 ben Ish: 600 is the number of war. 60 is the number of
Rivkah   (12.02.15)
rebellion. 6 is the number of man in Biblical Mathematics, a book available for purchase. So, 666 is the number of rebellious man of war, not just man. Many people have a Hebrew or Greek or English gematria (numberical sum of letters of name) but 666 is the worst sum and reflects something similar to the Anti-Christ, the ultimate in evil as a 666 gematria person.
11. Now that is one catchy tune....
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (12.02.15)
I hope it makes the number one hit parade in Gehenom!
12. #8
Roy ,   Ct SA   (12.02.15)
666 and 7th Day Adventists are christian concepts....nothing to do with Islam. Get yourself and education, u ignorant goof!
13. New replacement for "God Save the Queen"?
A ,   Belgium   (12.03.15)
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