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Putin orders sanctions against Turkey
Associated Press
Published: 28.11.15, 20:57
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Yo , I am rootin' for Putin ,even though he is high-falutin , the atmosphere is murky for Turkey , Erdogan is kind of quirky , he has the brains of a beef jerky , his best bet yet ,was to express regret .
3. turkish bastard erdogan had it coming
oriel   (11.28.15)
erdogan had it coming. while obama cozied up to him, and mr weakness bibi grovelled with an apology egged onto him by barak, putin nailed him for what he- a bs artist in bed with isil. He has abused journalists, liked rigged the previous elections, and has been a thorn in israel's side cause turkey is an important country. erdogan probably had standing orders to shoot down any syrian or israeli plane and mistook the russian plane for them. putin is not faint hearted like bibi and half of likud. note how erdogan called putin's office cause he knows the situation is dangerous. the moskova sitting next to latakia can destroy the entire country of turkey in 30 minutes. maybe the turks will have second thoughts about erdogan who belongs in jail.
4. Mad Erdogan the Islamist made a huge mistake
C   (11.28.15)
erdogan thought that he could bully the russia, a nuclear power with a huge conventional army. erdogan has been causing many problems in the region for years now. this islamist who supports the muslim brotherhood and the islamic state, did not understand that the russians hate islamists who have murdered russians. putin is no angel, but compared to the savage islamists he is rather normal. hopefully putin will stop his support for the shia terror regime and its nuclear weapons program.
5. I wish Israel
Mike ,   Edmonton, AB   (11.29.15)
would be able to join the Russian Federation and have Putin as Prime Minister. No more ass licking the Americans and no more mister nice guy with the Muslims.
6. Erdogans and Turkeys policy -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.29.15)
- will destroy Turkey !. Arn.Sweden.
7. Putin will squeeze Erdgen's nuts
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (11.29.15)
into a finely ground confectionary that no one wants to smell, taste or eat. The Turks need a comeuppance for all their sins against so many nations. Their about to get it with spades. This should be fun to watch. A Turkish cockroach vs. the Russian bear. Although I'm not a fan of Russia, in this case, I am. Go Putin!!! BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME!! Make more affordable homes. Not all Jews are millionaire's.
8. Turkey out of NATO now!
JVC ,   LA, USA   (11.29.15)
9. I get the biggest laugh out of this duel
Cameron ,   USA   (11.29.15)
HEH HEH The Islamist in a tie vs. the KGB hack turned Tsar. You boys happy you stuck yer noses into the Syrian wreck trying to be real ME players?
10. What would Israel do?
Ben ,   Harrisburg, USA   (11.29.15)
As much as it brings me joy to see Russia put the screws to Erdo, the comments on this story beg the question, "what would Israel do" if Russia flew its Migs into Israeli Airspace? If the events took place as they are being reported by the Turks, (10 warnings, invasion of Turkish Airspace, Russian bombing of units supported by the western allies etc...) than Turkey was well within its rights to bring down that plane. Was it wise? Maybe not, but Maybe someone needed to remind Putin that he doesn't yet run the world. Scary that Erdo shows more back bone and leadership than Obama here.
11. The video clips of 25 Turkmen villages of relatives of those
Rivkah   (11.29.15)
who shot down the Russian plane and shot at the pilots as they parachuted down which is a violation of Geneva Convention rules of engagement for which Turkey should be held accountable since one of the pilots died...the 25 villages of the Turkmen who shot down the Russian military jet were obliterated with missiles from land, air and sea from the Russian military. You can see some of the strikes on the villages at Walid Shoebat's email news with the audio of the Turkmen shouting Allahu Akbar (Allah is greater) as they died, thinking that they were being martyred for Allah and going to Muslim heaven where the reward for martyrdom is 72 green grapes. Don't believe it? Go to the mosque on the Temple Mount and read the Arabic on the walls from many centuries ago. It says 72 green grapes not 72 virgins. But where they actually go is to hell. A lot of people went to hell over the attack on the Russian military jet which could not possibly have hovered like a helicopter over Turkey's narrow peninsula for ten minutes as would have had to be the situation since Turkey said they warned the Russian pilot for ten minutes and said he was over Turkish territory (a narrow sliver) the whole time.
12. Eating dirt. A new experience he will learn
yosef eytan ,   Eilat   (11.29.15)
The little bully suddenly realizes that when you step on the toes of the big bully you’re going to pay for it. And guess what, NATO, your big brother, is just going to stand back and watch you get slapped in the face, and maybe learn a lesson because your mouth has gotten ahead of your muscle. Humiliation and saying I’m sorry is something Ertagon has never learned to accept but the Global economic community of reliance will force him to humble himself or face the inevitable personal bloodletting from his business community that will in the end force him to taste the grit of the dirt he must eat to survive. So kneel Ertogan before the big bully and say your mea culpa then hide in your palace for a while “doing the state’s business” till your reddened cheeks resolve with time.
13. reply to #4
Adler J   (11.29.15)
what are you talking about?...if Putin hates muslims as you said why Russia helped Turkey in building first Turkey nuclear plant? -Not to mention Egypt why Putin and President Sisi signed an agreement to build a nuclear plant near Alexandria in the Mediterranean coast.? both countries shutdown russian planes. it doesnt make sense...
14. 13
C   (11.29.15)
you need to learn to read. although all islamists are muslims, not all muslims are islamists. there was a time when turkey was a secullar state. al-sisi is secular, as opposed to the muslim brotherhood which is islamist.
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