Two stabbing attacks within 3 hours in Jerusalem
Yael Friedson, Rotem Elizera, Elior Levy
Published: 29.11.15, 07:53
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1. Terrorists must be shot on the spot and their families
Chaim   (11.29.15)
immediately ousted from Israel.
2. "apprehended the suspect"? IDIOTS! Stop compassioon
Chaim   (11.29.15)
against terrorist! Kill them on the spot and oust their families immediately.
3. Zombie fever running amok among Pali's !
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.29.15)
4. idf soldiers standing aroumd waiting
jim   (11.29.15)
as police do in other countries, if they have reasonable suspicion or in the case of insurrection any suspicious behaviour like hte 2 veiled girls in waitig for transportation that you see on the video, investigate.Don't wait for the knife to come out. and israelis- get involved. The civilian who helped and then backed off the border policement -his conduct was disgraceful. he should have continued on to help the border policemen neutralize the attacker. Get weapns, an iron bar if you cannot get a gun and use it you bloody pacifistgs. half the nation of israel are stromg patriots. The other half are like verter and levy of haaretz and kadmon of ynet, gutless pacifists who hate the idea of a jew wielding a gun or exercising soverignty- these are despicable free loaders who rely on the brave patriots and settlers more than the livnis and lapids who drink expresso in fancy cafes. As for yaalon, your comments are not good enough.If you cannot go on the visible offense cause arabs need to see it, then you should step down or be fired. YOu are close to that point. Bibi's calm for calm stinks. and gaza is not deterred one bit contrary to your assertions.Bibi we know flinches, but you, the good general-what the hell happened to you.
5. I totally agree with #1
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.29.15)
Seems like the followers of the islamic cult cannot live side by side with civilized people. So, please, send the terrorist-families out of the country. Sweden is a country currently being destroyed by the Islamic cult and will receive all the shit with open arms.
6. LOOK TO RUSSIA how to deal with terrorists!
Ivan ,   Москва́   (11.29.15)
7. The stabbers = IS....ELIMINATE them !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.29.15)
EXPELL their supporters...ALL of them !
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