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How Chai from China became a Hasidic Jew
Tal Barkay, Orot
Published: 29.11.15, 23:07
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1. Nice story, thanks :-)
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.29.15)
2. If converting to Judaism, makes only sense to do it
Chaim   (11.30.15)
the proper way.
3. And he still has more rights in Israel
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.30.15)
than a Palestinian who's family have lived there for a thousand years
4. Man, live long enough, you see everything
Cameron ,   USA   (11.30.15)
5. His parents are the blind ones.
John ,   Arlington,Texas USA   (11.30.15)
All I got to say what his parents thought about Israel was so wrong. Israel isn't massacring any religion that isn't Jewish. The only Country I am reading that is targeting all religions is China. Anyone heard of how China is going nuts over Muslims and forcing them to eat Pork and Drink Alcohol and forcing them to not fast. How about Iran does his parents know it is illegal to be a athiest and a communist. This is a great story.
6. Chai: to life
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (11.30.15)
the article says: "Chai - "firewood" in English," come now, chai means life, not firewood.
7. Ni Hao!
David   (11.30.15)
8. Thank you Chai
Jacky ,   California   (11.30.15)
Thank you again for joining forces with us. Good replacement to my niece who chose a foreskin above her roots.
9. #3 Thousands of year? Really?
Yaffa ,   Israel   (11.30.15)
Where did you learn that? From the Palestinian propaganda? I would like to direct you to the book 'From Times Immemorial' written by one named Joan Peters. She used to be a worker at the UNRWA the UN refugees that is dedicated only to Palestinian refugees. She has noticed that there is another refugee's agency held by the UN dedicated to all the refugees worldwide. And as a truth seeker herself, she began to investigate that discrimination. Yes, indeed a discrimination. For the UNRWA budget was far larger than the budget of the other agency. Well, one of her discoveries was that being a Palestinian refugee is something that is inheritable whereas the other groups of refugees loose the status of refugee starting at the second generation. Another enraging fact is the definition of a Palestinian refugee which is quite different than the definition of the other groups of refugees. Whereas others have to show that the lived from times immemorial in the countries they were expelled from, for the a Palestinian refugee they expect for less, and much less than that. The Palestinian is required to show that he lived there for about 60 years only. So, Sara if you are a thinking person you should check that yourself …
10. Well -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.30.15)
- What they call Christianity Today, is a Fallen Christianity, not Run by the Truth of Christianity, The Resurectional Power of God in Jesus Christ. Todays So Called Cristianity is runned by Human power and efforts, and has become a Manmade Religion. True Christianity though, could be called Messianic Judaism, the Spiritual Life and blessings, promised to the descendants of Jacob in the Torah, And the Creation is in theTorah, " The Angels/Gods(Elohim) created the Heavens and the Earth in the Firstling(Christ-Messias)". Its not about the Physical Creation as such but its Creation in the Firstling. In short. Arn.Sweden.
11. MOT welcome !
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (11.30.15)
We do come in all colors, in all parts of the world. He's right about Christianity, very confused. Perhaps the Greek and Latin translation were intended to confuse people? Bowing down for example, both Muslims and Catholics have that in common. Certainly even Jesus, the most famous Jew, didn't bow down to either. Jesus was a Jew not a Christian not a Muslim. Independent contractor... And, what if he were the son of G-d? It's a good thing he's forgiving. MORE BUILDING SAVES MORE JEWS IN DANGER.!!
12. Such perseverance deserves to be rewarded !
miriam ,   israel   (11.30.15)
A young man who questioned the beliefs of his parents and countrymen and found solace in Judaism. I would say he is a brave young man.
13. #3 Fake Sarah B desperately needs a calcuclator
Reuven   (11.30.15)
Thousands of years? when Palestinian history began in 1967, less than 50 years years. Even after the 1967 Six-Day War, United Nations Resolution 242 of November 22, 1967, mentions only "refugees," not even "Arab refugees"—let alone a Palestinian people and a Palestinian state.
14. 3 your spelling gives you away
C   (11.30.15)
furthermore, sarah b usa/israel would never write your mendatious nonsense. why don't you write under your own name. you are just diminishing yourself.
15. # 3 Watch out the REAL Sarah B may come back and have a
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (11.30.15)
field day with your stealing her good name. I hope so, we all miss her. BUILDING IS AT AN ALL TIME HIGH! Take that obama rama yo momma. Worst enemy of the Jews obama and company.
16. poor attempt, #3
Cameron ,   USA   (11.30.15)
We know the real dragon when it appears in the YNET sky.
17. no.3- you wish you had the intelligence of Sarah B.
miri ,   israel   (11.30.15)
18. But its ok palestinians live on looted Jewish property
Jake   (11.30.15)
across the Arab world.
19. Nice story.....but couldn't he have settled
Tsou Chow Mei Mei ,   ny US   (11.30.15)
for Modern Orthodox? Just kidding, call hakavod. Tizkeh lemitzvot!
20. #18 You forgott to mention
Yaffa ,   Israel   (12.01.15)
Palestinian live on looted Jewish property across Judea Sameria.
21. US "Jews" embracing Buddhism en masse, so what?
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.01.15)
He is one and in Israel now, but Jews embracing Buddhism in the US are thousands, probably tens of thousands. So, what's the conclusion? By the way, there are some 60 million Chinese emigres living outside of China.
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