Israel demolishes East Jerusalem home of terrorist who killed two
Roi Yanovsky, Elior Levy
Published: 02.12.15, 12:09
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1. Road to Palestinian Statehood
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.02.15)
Serious discussions amongst Palestinians in the Palestinian Street are shifting to the possibilities of a Palestine in an expanded Gaza despite Abbas and Hamas antipathy for their own selfish reasons to retain their grip on power So work is already being done independently to try to evaluate the economic ramifications of a wholesale transfer and relocation of Palestinians in the West Bank to an expanded Gaza and the results are staggering. But we need more research to corroborate So far. just based on the disposal of Palestinian Property to Israelis at Market Value, possible internationally funded relocation expenses, inward immigration and transfer of Palestinian financial assets from Lebanon and Syria could represent a huge bonanza to the fledgling Palestinian Economy And who says Ramallah and other Palestinian West Bank towns and cities cant be rebuilt in the new Palestine in an expanded Gaza? As for the size of the task, consider that China achieved 100 times the Palestinian challenge in just 10 years! A unified Palestine in an expanded Gaza with a potential population of 5-8 million would enable all Palestinians to reap the benefits of the economies of managing one territory rather than two and also for all Palestinians to enjoy a share in Gazas rich offshore gas and oil resources, fishing, fine beaches and with sustainable water supply potentially one of the most fertile regions in the East Med Clearly for Abbas and Hamas THEY have too much to lose by unification and resulting dilution of their choking grip on power But for Palestinians we NEED Independent Palestinian Media Academics Commentators and NGOs to STEP UP TO THE MARK and come forward to bring this debate and discussion to the fore NOW
2. to sammy (newcastle) uk
miriam ,   israel   (12.02.15)
Wonder where you got this info that pals will be moving to gaza, since you are not in Israel. I have been suggesting this for quite some time, remove this scourge from our midst, and if necessary, compensate them.
3. Ardon Wesly on FB I've been saying this for the longest time
Reuven   (12.02.15)
Since the terrorists are now dead or in jail and don't need their houses anymore, and their families hopefully were evicted to Syria or South Arabia or any of their Arabic states, they should give their homes as a gift to the victims. If there are more than 1 victims per terrorist, they should divide the money. This would make the most sense. But the High Court judges are not intelligent enough to understand this and that this is a fantastic deterrence.
4. What a stupid policy
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (12.02.15)
EXACTLY what does Israel hope to accomplish with this policy/ Based on 50000 years of human behavior, this policy is extremely counterproductive and creates far more problems that it tries to solve.
5. #1 - Huh? You coudl not be more foolish if you tried.
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (12.02.15)
Gaza is already the densest place on earth and you want to add to that? Other than making a more crowed ghetto, what would that accomplish? Gaza has NO NATURAL RESOURCES and no space for agriculture and no water even if there was space. Is Israel going to build a nuclear power plant and enough desalination capacity for 10 million people? China has LOTS of resources and a 5000 year history of mercantilism, so any comparison is ridiculous.If you are so eager for the West Bank, why not give the Arabs the entire coast including Tel Aviv?
6. One less home for vipers.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.02.15)
They''ll live with another family of vipers until they meet an early death.. by their own stupidity. No one ever claimed the pals were smart just violent with a death wish.
7. Prosecute mother for child abuse
David ,   New york   (12.02.15)
If you raise your kids still be suicide bombers then that is a form of child abuse. They should be dealt accordingly (Mother goes to jail and children go to foster care)
8. You should learn some facts about Gaza.
Someone   (12.02.15)
Gaza IS NOT the most densely populated place in the world and there are dozens of more dense population centers throughout. Most of Gaza is empty with the large majority focused in 3 areas. Gaza has gas off the coast, MUCH OF ISRAELS AGRICULTURE WAS IN GAZA. This was handed to the Palestinians (paid for by Western Jews) who destroyed greenhouses within days. Your hatred for Israel has blinded you to reality.
9. Spyguy. No confidence in Palestinian capabilities?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.02.15)
You say Gaza is already the densest place on earth and you want to add to that? Answer We are talking about a considerably EXPANDED Gaza the size of Lebanon You say Other than making a more crowed ghetto, what would that accomplish? Gaza has NO NATURAL RESOURCES and no space for agriculture and no water even if there was space. Is Israel going to build a nuclear power plant and enough desalination capacity for 10 million people? Answer Gaza has Offshore Oil and Gas, a potentially huge Tourist Industry, skilled workforce from West Bank and Gaza and with Water fertile agricultural potential. As for ‘mercantilism’ why do you write off Palestinians? In the diaspora and West Bank there are THOUSANDS of successful Palestinians in all sectors of industry. As for water desalination, we are talking about mainstream Reverse Osmosis powered by solar/gas not nuclear. It really aint nuclear science! You say If you are so eager for the West Bank, why not give the Arabs the entire coast including Tel Aviv Answer What we are ‘eager’ to do is to create a viable CONTINGUOUS State that unites Palestinians - ONE ENTITY, ONE BORDER, ONE NATION
10. schlempers
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (12.02.15)
Since two officers were killed in the November 5, 2014 attack and several others were wounded that means the terrorist killed them ONE YEAR ago. Why take so long to blow up the house? It should be done ASAP meaning within days of ascertaining the name and address of the terrorists. How long do we have to live with bleeding heart liberal judges who stall and hem instead of protecting the public?
11. #6
.   (12.02.15)
Why dont you join sarah b, Israel usa and just disappear from commenting on Ynet??!!!
12. eisencott and yaalon right on here
mofta   (12.02.15)
large forces are right on to make a point and destruction of home has to be seen though weinstein and the courts hate to do it. The prefer the olmert method of throwing out the order based on unreasonable delay. and the iidf has to move in strong numbers to overwhelm strong resistance and to wipe it out regardless of casualites. wipe it out should be the motto of the idf- wipe it out.
13. Really?
Amos ,   Canada   (12.02.15)
Palestinians self sufficiency? Really? They can't tie their shoe laces without Jewish help.
14. # 9 LOL hysterical "confidence in the pal people?"
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.02.15)
'Tourism' for pals LOL the ONLY thing the pals are known for is Terror. So, shall people come from the 4 corners of the earth to a terror mecca? LOL Damn, your delusional brain farts are something else, not sure of exactly what but a bad case of methane gas. Smells worse than rotted eggs and is explosive.
15. # 5 LOL No water?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.02.15)
because Hamas accidentally fired a rocket at the Gaza water treatment plant, and is up to her asses in human affluences, using even the last penny from a hungry pals mouth to build more tunnels that in addition to killing Jews, kills pal teens. ( poor bastards being born to such inbred offspring of the brainless incestuous demons.) MORE BUILDING LESS pals !!!
16. The pals have another system of 'justice'
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.02.15)
they stone the mother to death, 'honorably' and then, sell the orphan for sexual slavery. Which Muslim wouldn't stand in line to join?
17. # 8 Thank you and,
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.02.15)
also to note the pals took a haven and made it a war zone where more pals die unnessarily so Iran or Saudi Arabia can try and rule Israel which will never happen. The pals mean nothing to any one of other Muslims their just pawns in a larger more cynical game of Islamic tyranny. JEWS BUILD MORE JEWS HOUSE MORE !!
18. # 4 Why does it bother you?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.02.15)
only reason I can think of is your bigoted anti semitism. Be careful it's a sign of mental illness.
19. Miriam compensate them?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.02.15)
I prefer 'an eye for an eye.' "A life for a life." Real justice not blackmail.
20. Enough with the 'refugee camp' mantra! Shaufat is a village!
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.02.15)
Why in the world does this media outlet continue to use 'refugee camp' to describe this village? Nobody is living in tents. Their homes have electricity and running water, etc. STOP describing it as a refugee camp. It's just a big neighborhood- that's it! You don't need a bulldozer to 'demolish' a tent, so stop making it sound like these Arabs are living like Syrian refugees. They want to terrorize Israel, their house is forfeit. They know the law. They attack Israelis at their (and their family's) peril. What kind of children have the Arabs raised that they willingly force their family to be homeless? Abbas and ilk (media, schools, mosques), have brainwashed a generation of children to hate Israel and work towards jihad. This is the result. If every Arab eventually becomes homeless, you only need to thank the PA leadership.
21. palis
Aaron Feldman ,   Cote St Luc   (12.02.15)
Sammy, the only solution is to move all the palis from judea shomron,gaza with a one way ticket to the beloved europe (eurabia). They're dying to get there for a better life and prosperity and let the eu pay for it.
22. Next the house of the Jewish terrorist Yosef Haim Ben-David
miki ,   tampa   (12.02.15)
Right, Israel only destroys the homes of Arabs. The home of Yigal Amir, Eden Natan-Zada, Ami Popper, Baruch Goldstein, Yishai Schlissel, all standing tall!
23. Nos. 1 and 2
Dave Tuchis ,   Asheville, NC   (12.03.15)
No need for Israel to compensate relocation of West Bank arabs. Sewer Arafat, wife of the late dictator, has at least one billion dollars salted away in Zurich and Geneva. That's arab money she and Yasser stole from their arab constituency.
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