Three Israelis hurt in two terror attacks in West Bank, Jerusalem
Ynet reporters
Published: 03.12.15, 23:23
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1. officer in the palestinian security forces
james   (12.03.15)
are we stupidz? General numa proposed giving heavy guns and armored cars to palestinian police to aid insecurity. As rabin and bibi found out, their police use our guns to kill our people.So this assailant was a palestinian police officer. Surprise surprise-general numa needs a refresher reality course on arab behaviour. Herzog is in the same boat as general numa. He wants to give key defensive positions to the arabs and then run to the obama and the eu for help when the arabs kill or wound jews. In world war ll, the jews begged the US and england for help and got nothing, Now the jews have the guns, but herzog wants to forego key security positions to beg again for help. This is unreality. How could any jew after the experience adopt herzog positions. Only a deluded pacifist like peres herzog and olmert who say we are tired of fighting, let the arabs have this and that and maybe they will be quiet. No, the arabs are clear, they want the jews out of tel aviv, no less and then there will be peace. In the middle east living requires the gun and if you don't want to do it, getthe hell out.
2. Don't forget to give them arms !
Roland ,   london England   (12.03.15)
3. Burial is too good.Cremate with Pig skin !
Roland ,   london England   (12.03.15)
4. So the terrorist was a PA officer whom the IDF requested
Reuven   (12.03.15)
they be armed.
5. 2 Johnny Simson in the FB section
a left-wing moron ,   Israel   (12.03.15)
Dear Mr. Simpleton While I have no problem protecting your freedom of speech rights so that you and your ilk can insult me and my ilk, your comment "The IDF morons want to give the PA more weapons." Look here now sir, the IDF is the best of the best of the best. Our AirForce is the best in the world. Our Navy is the best in the world. and neither you nor anyone else has the right to criticize them. I will put it this way: You know this part from Isaiah 11:6, "And the wolf will dwell with the lamb, And the leopard will lie down with the young goat, And the calf and the young lion and the fatling together." Well, as a Left-wing moron Israeli Patriot, I just want you to know that I am ok with it, because we have the wolf (IDF), the leopard (AirForce) and the lion (Navy) on our side. That said Mr. Simpleton, stand down.
6. no chance
marcel   (12.03.15)
given the continuing stabbings and shootings, herzog has zero chance of ever being elected pm, no chance and hthe same applies to livni. When herzog says he will bring security, he is knowingly lying his teeth off he has no abiilty to do any better than bibi. The media has inflated his self image, just like they did byinflaitng rabin's credentials. Herzog is not good under pressure and especially blood and bullets.
7. Marianne van Geuns
imc ,   Israel   (12.03.15)
Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu CANNOT close the border because Israel has no defined border. If there were to be a border for him to close it would be along the Green Line and it would leave the West Bank (exactly where it should be) outside of Israel. This is unacceptable to Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu and his right wing cohorts. They prefer to use us as their cannon fodder in order to preserve their dreams of a greater (?) Israel. At the end of the day we will lose out...the state of Israel will collapse and take with it all of the settlers in the West Bank. Basically, the insecurity of the pusillanimous Prime Minister coupled with the insecure yet bellicose nature of the West Bank settlers will take us to hell in a hand basket. Sad but true.
8. they do seem to have a fetish for that Damascus Gate
Cameron ,   USA   (12.03.15)
9. the truth
erin ,   usa   (12.03.15)
You know Israel, things are so complicated these days. yet, because we know the truth, they are simple. Each pull by a country or a countryman in that country is like a pull on the kids' toy Americans give their kids called 'Chinese handcuffs'. No racism intended- it's just a simile. MDA has a slogan that pops up in an ad on that says'When you care about life, you do everything to preserve it. ' This is really the only thing we can do, besides pray, that will keep people alive.- So while all the world is in a mess, we are already keeping people alive because we keep as most important the desire to keep people alive. It is this desire in people's hearts that saves lives in terrorist situations- it is not thinking about self that keeps people alive. Aside from that God keeps us alive. We get excited when we think of all God does for us- yet we have to remember people want to live. They do not want to die- and we do not want them to die. So where do we go from here? I would like to propose a request of all my Jewish friends who like to pray that we pray in this way- so that lives can be saved before evil ever begins. i will cut short the explanations of all these details because it will take too long, but you will understand if you like to pray. Just as the ashes of the heifer were used to wash with in purification actions, so too a person must wash themselves clean of all the evil that has attacked us each- these ashes remind us that we must wash with something pure. It is hard to understand the concept of pure- because we are so impure. but we know it exists because we have heard God talk about it. So knowing that, we must ask the source of all good, to wash each and every thing we can think of that is on or in people with His holy fire. Or I guess, you can ask for His washing with His holy water. Both are workers of the Holy Spirit- cleansing people so they can hear the truth. It's not just that truth sets us free- it calms us. It will calm the angriest mind , and we need that calming all over the world, because the devil has 'whipped' us up into a worry. and we can't let go of that worry many times- it often has to be washed out of us or off of us- we wish we could let go, but many can't even ask for this relief from God. So we need to ask for them, and we need to ask for everyone because they were given the gift of life and they want to live. If someone sitting next to you was being attacked by a small thing, you would ask them to give you permission to remove it from them wouldn't you? This is the same, people will drop their weapons is they are free of these attackers. And I know it, and I pray it, and I ask Almighty God to do this for people all over the world ell day everyday- because it is that pervasive- we need to be kind to them.It is not to harm them- this praying for them. It is to care for them as we would care for our own bodies if we were being attacked. This is how it is- we are all human beings- and we are all being attacked. It hasn't stopped, but by the grace of God- it has lessened.
10. the truth (cont'd.)
erin ,   usa   (12.03.15)
There isn't anything God can't put His hand into and cleanse of evil, even of evil attackers in the form of demons, etc. Ask for His hand,please, to enter all those you can think about that need release from evil, release from suffering, release from hatred. Hatred comes from the devil- rarely does it originate in a human being. We are the righteous generation of people on earth. What does that tell you? We need to be washed clean by the presence of the Hand of God in us- so we can be ourselves. please pray with me- all day, every day. We can't teach people to value life- but we can value it for them. Some day they will be healed, and we will be glad they are.Thanks you Jewish prayer friends. I pray you understand what to do, as the devil is reading this typing as well, and i want you to be like spiritual doctors to people, animals, things people touch, and clean every part of them by asking God to place His hand there and do those things that are needed. Thank you! ! They will be clean, and they will be safe.
11. 1 Samuel 15:3
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (12.03.15)
As long as Am Yisrael continues to ignore the Word of Adonai, they will suffer at the hands of Amalek. Shalom, Yisrael, please wake up!
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