A third of Americans support sanctions against Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 04.12.15, 19:25
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1. And there you have it.
Brad ,   USA   (12.05.15)
One third of "Americans" have openly taken the hellish stance of being against Israel. That third, plus another third which won't stand FOR Israel in the open, are both too chicken to stand against Islam. They're too chicken to speak the obvious about Muslims and their terrorism. Excuses and political correctness reigns instead. This is sickening. Is it any wonder that God has turned America over to its own wants and whims? Is it any wonder that there are no adult men in charge in America anymore? God said that He would turn all nations that forget Him into hell. It's happening before our very eyes. Israel will remain forever, but not so with Israel's enemies. America had better not become one of them.
2. Saban is a known lefist he ordered this survey
ScareTactics=0 ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.05.15)
Saban a known leftist and supporter of the Israeli left and no friend of Netanyahu obviously ordered the survey and paid for it to reflect his leftist scare monger tactics
3. Thank you Bibi
Dan   (12.05.15)
It is only Israel's suicidal policy of holding and expanding the settlements that has delegitimised it internationally and lost it the support of its one meaningful ally, the US. For this we can thank our two idiots, Arik and Bibi. Those who favour BDS are growing in number and Obama is just the beginning, unless we throw Bibi out. Wake up, chevreh!
4. who were the respondents?
Ghiramo   (12.04.15)
deaf people with a landline over 95 who still answer the phone at home?
5. More writing on the wall that Israelis refuse to see
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.04.15)
6. Chilling Statistics
leo ,   nyc   (12.04.15)
The vibe on college campuses that is anti -Israel (and anti -Jewish) is gaining ground) .... I'm afraid the golden age of support for Israel is over...If it wasn't for Evangelical Christians. US politicians would support the palestinians...The future is not good...
7. Qatar Funds Brookings Institute
Benny ,   Iraq   (12.04.15)
Qatar, the worst anti-Semitic country in the Mideast, is pro-Hamas & encouraged them to wage war vs. Israel. So, for Y-Net to quote anything about this phoney institute bought & paid for by vile Islamic Jihadists is plain "STUPID" & 'DANGEROUS' Y-NET SHOULD BE CAREFUL NOT TO REPORT "INCITEMENT LIKE THIS.
8. QATTAR=Brookings=Islamist B.S.
Benny ,   Iraq   (12.05.15)
Qattar runs Brookings through their slimey-oil donations. They can tell Brookings to publish that the earth is flat & their lackey Indyk will publish it. They own Indyk, they own Brookings. This used to be an honorable institution. But Arab Slimey Oil just like the rest of the Arab world want to change all the facts.
9. margot wallstrom
hans   (12.04.15)
margot wallstorm feels that shooting an arab who stabs you repeatled in the neck and back is an extrajudicial execution. No wonder hitler rolled over the pacifist double dealing nation of sweden with their lying gutless on display.Israel should break diplomatic relations with sweden, end any military cooperation and not share any intelligence with sweden. Unless wallstrom is removed from her post, isreal should have nothing to do with sweden.
10. A third of Americans support sanctions
Irene Hochman ,   Las Vegas   (12.04.15)
REALLY? I'm here and no one asked me! What one third? A third of what and whom? Please don't post this kind of false information.
11. result of left's giving up our narrative for oslo accord.
ralph   (12.05.15)
12. Comment at 48 percent of Americans support sanctions on isra
Sabri abualruz ,   Amman jordan   (12.04.15)
I wander , why Israeli leaders prefer the continuation of the status quo , holding Palestinian Territories which Israel occupied in 1967 , refusing and rejecting all calls of security councils and united nation resolutions , calling Israeli for quick WITHDRAWL and to establish normal relations with all Arab states , The survey conducted in USA , revealed that approximately 50percent of all Americans , (if not more than that ) in favour of sanctions against Israel , for her building illicit settlements , violating international law , and slamming the door in face of all peace efforts and initiative plans , Time has come , for Israel , to choose one of two ,,, to accept peace with all Arabs , after complete WITHDRAWL , from all occupied Arab lands , or to face anger. Hatred. Fierce uprising as we see these days , and may be a titanic war , nobody will be able to predict the consequences , Israeli leaders must think well , with the luxury and happy life of their citizens , and to stop their arrogance , and hegemony , to prove to the whole world that Israel is a democratic civilised nation , and not a barbaric savage brutal nation as we see nowadays.
13. Thanks Bibi ... for nothing
Avi L.   (12.04.15)
Thanks Bibi ... for nothing This is one of the results of Bibi antagonizing USA president for electoral goals. Bibi worsened our relations with the US only to gain a few points in the elections. Thanks for nothing. Bibi is no good for the Jews!
14. Sanctions against Israel is the destruction
Tova ,   Canada   (12.04.15)
of the United States. You can be sure the Jews who are for the sancations and just as ignorant. Sanctions on Israel will increase terrorism in Europe. GOD will not allow Israel to be punished by nations who are against her. Keep your eyes on Israel. And when a terrorist attack happens in Europe and when racial riots continue in the United States - know that will continue until the the world realize that without Israel - NO country on earth is safe.
15. I Know How They Vote
Christy ,   Boston, US   (12.05.15)
Those in favor of sanctions will not be happy with the new resident of the White House in 2016. The new president will treat Israel better than this one has. Those in favor of sanctions are probably happy with the president we have now --- and wish he were tougher on Israel.
16. Brookings Institute is funded by Qatar
Bill ,   Los Angeles, CA   (12.05.15)
These so-called "surveys" have to be viewed through the proper lens. The Brookings Institute has a far-left leaning bias & receives funding from Qatar, which also funds Hamas. Most likey the survey size was no more than 1000 people & questions are often phrased to get the desired response. For example the question may have been biased phrased by asking "should the US impose sanctions on Israel for its brutal occupation of the palestinian people and its ongoing settlement construction"? Even though settlement construction has decreased to its lowest level in years & they are only 3% of Judea & Samaria. The Saban Forum which is closely linked to the Brookings Instutue also has a far-left agenda. Therefore it's not surpsing that not a single republican was invited to the Saban Forum even though the part has the majority in both houses of Congress.
17. the good news
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (12.04.15)
is that 2/3 of Americans are pro-Israel.
18. Only a third of Americans are that stupid? Surely there are
Rivkah   (12.04.15)
more stupid Americans than that, considering all the stupid people who voted for BO.
19. FB Harold Neale : " No one called my family "
A ,   Belgium   (12.05.15)
Of course they didn't, bumpkin, the poll was directed at Amercans, which you aren't one of. If you want your own Pole, go look up your fellow anti semite Split Polakniak.
20. Another few 'San Bernadino's and they will wake up!
tiki ,   belgium   (12.05.15)
San Bernadino is just the beginning! Stupidity comes with a prize!
21. Israel needs to form real allies
Dean ,   Canada   (12.05.15)
Obama is pro-Islamist and he supports all manner of Islamic movements. He refuses to target IS in any meaningful way. He does not see Hamas or any attacks on Israel as terrorism – he puts attacks on jews in the “good” category. Given the fact that the Democrats share his views it is not likely if the Democrats were to be re-elected that they would change their spots. The Republicans are very neutral on Israel these days aside from a few who support Israel. So, given the reality of America, it will be be necessary for Israel to form new alliances in China, Russia, Japan, India and throughout Asia. I think that America has withdrawn into its own unguarded continent and they will be having to use all their military internally to deal with Islamist threats which started last week in California. I wonder how much restraint and “proportional” tactics America will use against the threats. I wonder if Obama will urge calm and tie the hands of his own police to make sure that Islamist are not insulted by any attack on their militants and their ideology.
22. This guy supports dumping israel
US Veteran   (12.05.15)
as if was a bag of dog droppings.
23. 1/3 USA non support
Jo johns ,   Palo Alto,pa   (12.05.15)
This is true and very sad. We want Israel to succeed , but where did they go wrong.Use might when you are Right????? Please leave America alone.
24. 20 Tiki, Belgium: Shoebat email news says ISIS plans to
Rivkah   (12.05.15)
kill 10 million Americans. But BO and the US State Department continue to pour Muslims from the Middle East and Africa into the USA to help establish a Trojan Horse in the USA for destructions. So you are right. San Bernadino is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg of what is coming to the Titanic (USA) unless wisdom prevails which is not likely as long as BO is in office.
Steven ,   Rockville MD USA   (12.06.15)
Brookings Institute is run by Mr Indigh an Australian-born Jew with well-known anti-Israeli feelings, who obtains most of the Institute's budget from Qatar. The finding of this survey is completely different than all other surveys, which shows at least 70% of the population supports Israel. The support is only 50% among Democrats, thus, depending how the participants are chosen the results will be skewed the way they intend to obtain the results..
26. Americans against Israel - Are Americans
Tova ,   Canada   (12.07.15)
who are going to witness the downfall of the united states. The united states will continue to have increased violence. Without Israel, the United States like all western nations will suffer greatly.
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