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Why Jenin is staying out of current wave of terrorism
Elior Levy
Published: 05.12.15, 14:51
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1. thanks ynet
Engrid   (12.05.15)
very interesting article
2. Ticking bomb.....
History nut ,   Israel   (12.05.15)
Better for ynet that there be a commercially viable time bomb than a depressed one.
3. I hope the day will come when Israeli jews can enjoy Jenin
DOV ,   USA   (12.05.15)
4. I will have my teeth implants done in Jenin
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.05.15)
Whatever large money I will have left over I will contribute to the mayor of Jenin. On the way back, I will buy sunflower seeds and a felafel in Afula. Naturally, I will stay away from Kiriat Arba and the rest of the occupied territories.
5. Jenin
New Yorker ,   NY USA   (12.08.15)
can we try this out in Gaza? you would think there is such potential there; or is it in Israel's interest to undermine any constructive activity and then point to Palestinians as being incapable of functioning productively...
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