Egypt to appeal $1.76 billion award to Israel in gas dispute, freeze gas import talks
Published: 07.12.15, 09:16
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1. Things are going so well with us
Aiman ,   Jersey   (12.07.15)
both countries need to see the bigger picture here more important matters than money both countries have similar interests such as long term business and security. The truth is the people who negotiated the 20 year deal with Israel were corrupt and the deal was terrible for Egypt now no one is saying it's Israel fault but here is the part about seeing the bigger picture comes in and long term mutual interests. I personally hope this gets resolved and ties get stronger between not only the governments but both our peoples.
2. Very well put Habibi Aiman.
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (12.07.15)
With the Islamo Nazis out of the way, En Sh'Allah, Israel and Egypt can make beautiful music together!!! You're so right; we must look at the big picture!
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