Russia's forgotten role in the creation of Israel
Jonathan Adelman
Published: 12.12.15, 12:10
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1. I'm please.................
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (12.12.15)
I'm please to learn that Israel did not get their hands stain with the Chinese blood. When I went to China I learn that the Chinese never have any anti Semitic evil feeling in their society. But they suspects the American is getting the Jews on their side to go against the China. God bless Israel and China..........
2. Any warmer sentiment for Russia after that review?
Cameron ,   USA   (12.12.15)
Interesting look at Stalin's half-hearted attempt to turn Israel into a tool & satellite to further Russian interests.
3. #1 Is that why China builds '"Islands?"
I never heard the warning "The Jews are coming' "The Jews are coming."
4. But there was no "creation of Israel" in 1947
Jake   (12.12.15)
The UN Partition Plan was a non-binding recommendation by the General Assembly, as stated in the resolution itself. The UN Security Council refused to adopt or implement the Partition Plan, due to rejection by the Arabs, and declared its neutrality "without prejudice to the rights, claims, and positionsof either party". Israel was left to fend of a multi-pronged Arab invasion and the UN stood by and did nothing. It cannot claim any credit in Israel's "creation". Secondly, the weapons supplies to Israel were from Czechoslovakia and on the initiative of Czechoslovakia. Stalin may have "allowed" it but the fact remains he did not allow Soviet arms supplies to be sent to Israel. He, like the United States, complied with the UN embargo.
5. I read Iran is pulling out of Syria....mmmm I wonder why?
Alan ,   SA   (12.12.15)
6. Let's not get so sugary about USSR
Avi L.   (12.12.15)
Let's not get so sugary about USSR. After voting for Israel in the UN, USSR did everything in its power to destroy Israel.
7. what people forget is
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (12.12.15)
Israel originally was started by European Zionists and Zionism took the form of the European governments. There where socialists and there were communists but no capitalists. Israel continued as a socialist state until recently it began advocating a more capitalistic approach to government/business relations. Still in the formative years, there was a closeness to Communism and to Russia that has become forgotten due to Israel's 'new' relation to the US.
8. Israel was neutral in the Cold War
C   (12.13.15)
let us not forget that the united states had put a total arms embargo on the nascent jewish state. this embargo was the result of the pro-arab policies of the state department, the army chiefs and of the un delegation. israel had no political reason to take sides in the cold war until the six day war, especially after de gaulle in his infinite wisdom cut off israel completely.
9. #3 china & Chinese people
calabi ,   sydney Aust   (12.14.15)
First study hard and well to know the Chinese people and then study the China govt! About South China Sea islands?Remember Israeli China Lavi program? After that China govt serve pork dishes to Israeli delegation in Beijing!
10. Russia Israel cooperation
Leib ,   Madison Wisconsin US   (12.14.15)
After Yeltsin took over Russia continued to support Fatah, sent arms to Hizballah, supplied Iran with missile technology, nuclear reactors and conventional arms. Putin has continued these relationships It's an open question as to how long this recent cooperation will continue
11. WW II
Morty Mooze ,   South Pole Antartica   (12.15.15)
WW II was a war between Nazis and Communists, Germany and Russia, Hitler and Stalin. Anywhere between 60 and 75 million people were killed, including six million Jewish martyrs. These unfortunate deaths created a demographic gap whitch ironically is now being filled with Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East. The face and flavor of Europe is changing as Eurabia emerges!
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