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Vatican: Catholics should not try to convert Jews
Published: 10.12.15, 13:26
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1. Converting Jews
MJ   (12.10.15)
Funny to read the roman catholic church are talking about this. How many Jews they've killed in the name of their fake belief, they serve lucifer and NOT the G.OD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Yeshua of Nazareth was and is Mashiah Ben David and NOT a catholic (chas ve chalila...oy vey!!!) faked little god. A Jew will never believe in their lies and their...saints???:( In the Book of Psalms is written "there is no one good"!!! that means that men is weaked, and that is why so many times it's written "Adonai Moshienu"...G.OD is our Salvation!!! Yes HE is AMEN!!!
2. Catholics and christians
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (12.10.15)
Today when even the 'christians' don't believe much in the bible, and Catholics are diminishing in numbers (at least in US and Europe) they should turn inward and realize that they have a bigger problem than just converting the Jews.
3. Well, knock me out with a feather...
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.10.15)
this is one extraordinary Pope, he's got the lyrics if not the tune. Jews brought it all to the Gentiles, salvation in which 'old' or 'new' book you grew up with or, chose. Never thought a Pope would break rank with all his predecessors. KEEP BUILDING !!
4. Seems the Pope is offering a new twist to the verse
HH ,   Jerusalem   (12.10.15)
" the Jew first" Romans (1:16). Christians always seemed to understand it the way it is stated. Maybe the Pope has a new insight on this.
5. Jesus never existed, a cultural literary fiction.
Murray the K ,   Brooklyn, NY   (12.10.15)
So convert to what, more irrational, atavistic, ignorance like the generations before us that brought us the last century with well over a hundred million dead in wars, revolution and death camps.
6. Intersting
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.10.15)
until America offered religious liberty to the Jews to worship in peace, all of Europe had to bow either to a Pope or a King. Jews bow to neither. The protestants were more educated in the Bible than were the Catholics. America was blessed for she blessed the Jews. Not the Catholics. ( partially due to the latin and inferior "vulgate' translations.) He's different but, still Catholic.
7. Christians are distorting the words of Yehoshua
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.10.15)
Yehoshua, or Jesus, as Christians call him, was a Jew by ethnicity and by religion. Yehoshua NEVER intended to create a new religion, and he NEVER intended to have followers of any kind. Yehoshua was misunderstood back in his days and Yehoshua is STILL MISUNDERSTOOD TODAY. Even today, MOST PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND the teachings of Yehoshua - and that would include people who refer to themselves as Christians. ALL that Yehoshua TAUGHT people was that salvation, liberty, freedom, inner peace and tranquility, and inner enlightenment all come from within and not from the without. Yehoshua wanted to create leaders - not followers. Yehoshua basically said that "I'm the way - be like me". Every person could be a potential "Christ", and NO Christianity, churches or conversion to Christianity is needed at all in order to become a "Christ". It's a matter of fact that the entire Christian faith is completely redundant and has very little to do with the teachings of Yehoshua. Yehoshua WAS NOT a "deliverer" or "liberator". He did not salvage mankind. He taught people how to salvage themselves.
8. Comment...
Adler J   (12.11.15)
Bachmann, originally last name is a Germany variant, but she practiced proselytism while touring in Israel last november, a Republican Congress member, while palestinians were attacking & stabbing israelis, Bachmann called to convert Jews to Christianity. Stupid republican lady, tell your Vatican Pope to try to proselytize In Berlin, Cologne, Franckfurt or Stuttgart calling thousands of muslims & refugees there to convert to Christianity! ahhh, you know why you wont do it? because you are afraid muslims would assassinate your Pope as a muslim tried to killed Pope Karol Wohtila in 1981! Go evangelize your ass!
9. Pope and Jewish Conversions
Cal Roach ,   South Bend, USA   (12.12.15)
I hope you won't be a dope and believe the pope when he openly, egregiously contradicts the Bible and Jesus great commission to preach to EVERY man, woman, boy and girl in every nation and to baptize and disciple everyone who believes in Jesus Christ! If any person contradicts Christ Jesus let them be roundly ignored!!!
10. To Cal Roach
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (12.14.15)
Dear Cal Roach, Pope Francis teaches exactly what Jesus had said and what is written in the Gospel.
11. Jewish guilt
Hadi Eid Ph.D ,   Monteverde, Metn   (12.13.15)
Here is a good news for all Jews on the Jewish guilt for Jesus' death detailed and substantiated in our new book: "Jesus Christ that Unknown": The Jews did not kill Jesus. His self-inflicted coma for three days, similar to the "death" of Lazarus, was in line with his "grain of wheat" philosophy and the Torah's Messianic predictions. Caiaphas, Pilates, Judas and the Roman soldiers were all tools in the divine master plan. Contact me for more.
12. # 11 So another 'reinvention' of Jesus death
sick is your interpretation and blasphemous account of a 'coma.' His death was meant for Jesus to conquer death and he was given the keys to hell rendering Satan powerless. Any first grade Christian knows that. And, Jesus never a Christian, was a Jew came to the Jews and was crucified by Rome.
13. 12: Satan did not lose power. He lost authority and his
Rivkah   (12.15.15)
doom was sealed by the death and resurrection of Yahshua the Messiah.
14. Alexander: The great failing of most Christian religions is
Rivkah   (12.15.15)
not singing the Song of Moses (obedience to the Commandments that are everlasting which not all are). They sing the Song of the Lamb (belief Yahshua is the Son of Elohim who died for our sins and resurrected taking away the curse of the Torah not the Torah). Revelation 14:12 and 15:3 makes it clear ONLY those who sing BOTH songs stand on the glass sea near the throne of Elohim in the heavenly Jerusalem.
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