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Meir Ettinger: The face of Jewish terrorism
Oded Shalom, Yifat Erlich
Published: 12.12.15, 14:27
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1. These guys shall lead a peaceful
olim hadashim ,   tel-aviv/ israel   (12.12.15)
revolution because the essence of their ideas is simply right.The Land of Israel needs their wisdom and not some unimportant acts of violence.
2. I spent a few days with Meir Ettinger
Oren Rosenfeld ,   ISRAEL   (12.12.15)
While filming BBC "Price Tag Wars" I was led by two hiitch hikers to the house and room of Meir Ettinger in Jerusalem where he was under house arrest I wanted to meet him for a long time and new he was the un officials leader of the "Price Taggers" this was 4 years ago and he was a leader his room was full and f young teenagers so called hilltop youths that came to hear his ideology and support him, he's extremely smart,calm and convincing a natural born leader and lived up to all the story's I heard about him.So this was 4 years ago and everyone knew then what they know now and did nothing to stop him.
3. since the arrests Price Tag attacks have stopped...
Israela ,   Israel   (12.12.15)
what do you suppose that means? Dah! Does it mean they arrested the right terrorists?
4. anti-Zionist? that not
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (12.12.15)
Although today we don't need vigilante groups acting independent of the government, we must realize that there is a point to their madness. It is the government that has turned anti-Zionist, not helping the Jews who try to live in the settlements that were set up by the government. After the fiasco of the pull out of Gush Katif, we have seen how it is the government that has given us a terrorist state on our border by pulling out forcibly Zionist settlers who had beautiful communities in the Gush and instead crushing their spirit. Similarly, but not cracking down hard on the Arabs in the West Bank, the government has given us this third intifada that has continued for 3 months. I agree only with the concept that these 'lone rangers' are a menace to the government and must be stopped from acting on their won, but I do agree with them that the government is not doing enough to protect the Jewish citizens of Israel.
5. 3 and back stabbing has encreased
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.12.15)
6. While Zionists terrorists MURDERED AT LEAST 30 innocent Jews
Reuven   (12.12.15)
Meir Ettinger and his grandfather whom the Zionists murdered have not hurt a fly. With what exactly is Meir a terrorist? The Zionists terrorists are a shame to Israel and to the Jewish nation.
7. Under Zionist Terrorists, there's great fear he'll not
Reuven   (12.12.15)
come home alive or healthy. Zionist terrorists might do to him what they did to Rabbi Uzi Meshulam who was in a vegetative state after his release from 5 years in jail.
8. Zionist policy Have mercy on Arabs & terrorize innocent Jews
9. Jochair Thijssen, you're a fool if you believe for 1 second
that Jews were behind the murder. The Shin Bet and High Court know quite well that Arabs did arson and murder but how else can they put Meir Ettinger and some other religious Jews in jail if not by beating the hell out of them to get them to confess to something they didn't do?
10. Mida Keneged Mida - Measure for Measure
Dan   (12.12.15)
The way Israel treats honest, righteous citizens that's how the world treats Israel. Then Israel wonders why there's so much anti-Semitism in the EU and why BDS Movement increases?
11. @5 stabbings started due 2 Jewish Terrorism
12. a Jewish fanatic, bin-Laden.
Rafi ,   US   (12.13.15)
13. Charismatic and insane, like this guy in Germany in 1933.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.13.15)
14. he has a point
Ted ,   Tel Aviv   (12.13.15)
If Israel would only be as tough on the Muslims as they are on this young man, we might have a better country. It is difficult to see the Arabs flaunt law, throw rock and get away with it. The Israeli government should have started shooting rock throwers years ago and today there would not be stabbings. The Israeli government is too soft on the Arabs (since the foreign press is pro Arab) and therefore the Arabs can get away with murder. We don't need extremists running around doing what the government should do. We need the government to do what the government should do and that is to crack down hard on the ARabs.
15. Guess who will win? G-d or the Zionists?
Ariel ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (12.13.15)
What Oded Shalom and Yifat Erlich on call a "radical and anti-Zionist ideology", is Torah, aka Judaism.
16. 11 If you are right,so now that
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.13.15)
the so called Jewish terrorists are under arrest,the stabbing should stop.The opposite is happening,the stabbing increases.
17. Meir Ettingere the perfect candidate for Prime Min
18. Meir Ettinger: The perfect candidate for Prime Minister
Mizrahi should unite ,   and vote for Meir   (12.13.15)
Israel could only benefit for a hero like Meir.
19. STOP THE APATHY! How much longer will you allow
Herbert Levin   (12.13.15)
the wicked government to torture Jews in vain WITHOUT EVIDENCE and still have the chutzpah to call them Jewish terrorists JUST TO PLACATE ARABS and Obama? Isn't it high time to GO OUT ON THE STREETS and demonstrate the cruelty or the Bolsheviks?
20. Equity
Isaac Balbin ,   Melbourne, Australia   (12.13.15)
The world, and tree-hugging vegan Israelis often bleat that we treat our own with kid gloves. I would like to see them take to the streets and deny communication between any two people (Jew and Arab) who speak of implies sedition. It is gross intellectual tripe to have the current right wing Arabs in the parliament spouting their Naqba, which is the same in a different context. But Israel is not consistent. I do not agree with this fellow, but I do think it's time the hyper-hypocritical left wing charlatans went to the street and DEMANDED that ALL the population including Arab villagers who are caught with talk against the state, be barred from moving from their villages, and be under virtual handcuffs. That won't happen because the left are Israel's worst enemy, and running a close second is the EU and Obama
21. Lock him up and throw away the key
Miri   (12.13.15)
22. 'Halachic arguments . . .
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (12.17.15)
'halachic arguments to justify it which he bases on the writing of rabbis'. Just to note the Gaon and Gadol and Posek HaDor Reb Moshe Feinstein ztl denounced Meir Kahana back in his NY days with the Jewish Defense League. Genuine Haradi and other Orthodox Rabbonim have condemned this approach for many years as being devoid of Daas Torah [genuine Torah insight].
23. ideology isn't a crime. reply to 2 Oren
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (12.17.15)
'They did nothing to stop him' when teenagers came to hear his ideology. The BBC should know that it is not unlawful to talk about your ideology. There are imams all over the EU promoting jihad without being arrested. Ettinger's anti-Medina 'ideology' is akin to Naturei Karta and other quite legal 'fruit and nut cases'!
24. Reply to 17. Prime Minister?
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (12.17.15)
If Ettinger doesn't get to be PM he could run as Vice President with Donald Trump!
25. a fundamental mistake
jack b ,   canada   (12.18.15)
Regardless of how you feel about it, the halacha is dina d'malchusa dina, even though it is a government of Jews, it's the same law. In your hands it's counterproductive. You will topple only respect for the Torah with violent and reckless actions, and you will not build any significant followers.
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