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Israeli officials to Erdogan: Stop talking nonsense about Gaza siege
Itamar Eichner
Published: 14.12.15, 15:14
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1. Erdogen Turkey's male prostitute
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.14.15)
he'd sell his mother for a buck and sell Turkey down the river of denial for his small but inadequate 'accomplishments.' He doesn't play well with other but, has the terrorists admiration.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (12.14.15)
looking to just benefit form anything. Turks do not know if they want to be part of EU. They just want to stop any other nations form progressing in anything before they do. Funny how Erdogan is trying to sabatoge any progress between Israel, Greece and Cyprus. He is just making Turks look worse every single day.
3. Mad Erdogan cannot be trusted
C   (12.14.15)
erdogan is an islamist who hates jews and israel. he wants israel's gas while still trying to humiliate israel and interfere in her internal affairs. netanyahu should tell him to go to the russians who have plenty of gas.
DANNY ,   WORLD   (12.14.15)
Nick ,   Den Haag Holland   (12.14.15)
I am not surprised,i think they got the Byzantine Influenza.
6. You can really play the Turks like a fiddle if you choose
Cameron ,   USA   (12.14.15)
String them along for laughs. Get creative & have some fun messing with the dicey position the Turks find themselves in these days.
7. Israel owes Turkey nothing, and certainly nothing more
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.14.15)
I disagreed with the apology to Erdogan, pushed by both Obama and Amb. Oren. Neithe Israel nor the IDF did anything to merit an apology to Turkey (which never apologizes for anything). Israel rightly shifted to closer relations with both Cyprus and Greece. Now Israel is on the verge of rescuing another Arafat -Erdogan - from his predicament. Recall that in the early 1990s Arafat and his PLO were nearly spent forces, sinking into irrelevance in Tunisia. Then Peres and Beilin rescued him, gave him authority, guns and money. Now Erdogan's "no problems with neighbors" strategy is in full collapse. Russia is considering punishing Turkey by cutting off its gas line, while Iran is jacking up the price. Will Israel utilize its stronger position, pressing Erdogan to set aside his hatred of Israel and dreams of a new Ottoman Empire, and admit that - yes, Turkey was responsible for the Mavi Marmara debacle? Or will Israel, under pressure from its businessmen and the US give Turkey what it wants? No doubt Cyprus and Greece would consider such a move a slap in the face. Turkey needs a reliable gas supply? That's hardly Israel's problem.
8. While Erdogan is in office no one should be dealing with him
Rachel ,   Alexandria VA USA   (12.14.15)
or his government. The only folks who truly need Israel's natural resources are our friends, the Kurds. They are well on their way of removing the threat of Daesh once and for all from their soil, and unless and until both Daesh and Hezbollah are out of the picture, any natural resources Israel may gain from its facilities would be subject to attack. Turkey is on its way out, both in terms of its sphere of influence and its ability to govern itself without corruption, which Erdogan has shown it is incapable of doing. The Kurds do not sit around insulting Israel or attacking Jews, both things Erdogan has encouraged his people to do over the years, even before the Mavi Mara episode. Netanyahu has said over and over again that the Kurds deserve a homeland. Let's give them the gas to power their freedom.
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.14.15)
He is crazy, still jumping around in trees, monkeylike, believing he is not chained in!! When all his friends are abandoning him, he turns towards the jewish country with false lies/words as he always does, and has already forgotten he was cursing her for years!! Let the monkeyman erdogan out in the cold, in his chain, which eventually would be his line of death..
10. Putin will give Erdogan a well deserved
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.14.15)
spanking soon...
11. Erdogan's Folly
Albert Priest ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.14.15)
Turkey, especially under Erdogan's dictatorship, is not a reliable business partner for Israel's future in natural gas exports. A pipeline through Greece strategically makes a lot more sense. Let Erdogan and his cronies add to their fortunes derived from corruption by building LNG terminals in Turkey so they won't freeze in the dark when the Russians cut off the natural gas.
12. can't stand Erdogan, but... Israel needs to act in its...
Rafi ,   US   (12.15.15)
RATIONAL interest. As obnoxious as Erdogan is (so too is Bibi), Israel can't jeopardize valuable economic & strategic interests solely on the basis of personal vendettas.
13. erdogan cannnot be trusted
geroge   (12.15.15)
ankara bit off more than it can chew so it is trying to mend fences with Israel to protect its back. Forget about signing anything with erdogan who is a lying supporter of terror. No deal is possible with erdogan.
14. Turkish-Israeli relations
Nathaniel ,   Detroit   (12.15.15)
It's time for Israel to cut the crap and recognize Kurdish national aspirations; allow them to open a diplomatic mission in the vacated Turkish embassy. Then Erdo─čan will have something he wants from Israel. And their response should be to open an exhibit on the Armenian genocide.
15. Erdogan swallowing his pride.
When the chips are down, Erdogan will down dance pop.
16. Thank you Mr. Putin, wouldn't have happened w/o you.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (12.15.15)
17. Turkish Overtures
Deja Va ,   United States   (12.15.15)
Israeli leaders should reflect on the outcome of Bibi Natanyahu's apology to Turkey and the substantial offer of compensation made. These overtures toward Turkey have not resulted in furthering an agreement to resume full diplomatic relations. What has Israel gained from these concessions? The Israeli diplomatic corps should also study Turkey's response to the signing of the Protocols with Armenia to open the closed border, which Turkey reneged on shortly after the agreement was signed. The ultimate question for Israel is: Can Erdogan and Davutoglu be trusted to follow through on Israeli concessions?
18. Chessboard
Erica Green ,   Los Ageles, CA   (12.15.15)
Israel beware of Turkey!
19. Moron president
olavi ,   espoo, finland   (12.18.15)
Erdogan is master to make discalculations. The russians have upper hand and will keep it in Syria. This is good. Hope they shoot down Turkish fighters.
20. A deal with Turkey????
John Cohen ,   Israel   (12.19.15)
Israel should steer clear of any agreement with Erdogen> he hates Israel. He's a lying muslim terrorist.
21. Ooh, stop your making me hot!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.20.15)
22. True but, he fears Russia more than Israel.
23. I'd pay to see that!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.21.15)
24. Erdogen needs gas
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.21.15)
and Israel has gas and Russia may freeze the Turks into a 'turkcicle.
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