Netanyahu instructs to fortify bus stops in Jerusalem
Itamar Eichner
Published: 14.12.15, 20:21
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1. About 3 weeks ago I suggested New Jersey bollards for people
Alan ,   SA   (12.14.15)
waiting for lifts,buses etc .Im sure regular posters will remember!
2. Won't work ,...
split ,...   (12.14.15)
Those Palestinians are resourceful and dedicated people, they'll figure it out some other way to make the occupier's life miserable ... being a good neighbor is less costly ,...
3. What about other cities?Easier and cheaper to ship the Arabs
Johana   (12.14.15)
back to their homeland even with compensation for each family.
4. Defense, again
yosef ,   florida-israel   (12.14.15)
It is a historical truism, that the best defense is Offence ! Long time ago IDF and security agencies practiced this. Nowadays, only more and more futile, defensive measures ! Even a Goy knows, that for any trap there always is a smarter mouse - especially one with not much to fear...
5. FRee the Jews in administrative...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.14.15)
detention and let them be useful and guard the bus stops and other weak places..
6. netanyahu does not know millitary
marcel   (12.14.15)
like herzog and lapid, bibi is an ignoramus in military and security matters. bibi was a good student, brilliant. He entered the military on yoni's coattails. he himself has no instinct in fighting. \its not his fault. He is like herzog, a good student and that is it. He thinks in terms of fences, fortified bus shelters, and enlisting everyone else to fight israel's enemies but his own.Tell him to cut off gaza in 3 parts and take out hamas leadership- no chance. Tell him to warn abbas who is instigating that his days are numbered- bibi is incapable of doing it.He could not even fire livni face to face. Yaalon, stop hiding behind bibi and take the bloody gloves off. close off certain neighb ourhoods and go house to house. as for weinstein and rivlin who investigate israelis who kill terrorists and who encourage bds movements, the blood of israelis is on your head. The reason so many did not run to the forests and fight in world war ll is because of the mentality of weinstein, rivlin , livni and lapid. Never mind the authorities who take too long to get there. arm yourselves and keep your eyes peeled. if you see a car or truck moving into people, or stabbers or shooters, take action and forget about weinstein. Because if weinstein prosecutes an israeli who shoots a terrorists, the israeli masses will lose control. Weinstein will be in huge trouble.
7. This is not a solution. Jews are living in a prison.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.15.15)
We need to bring down the walls of hatred and division, and treat the Palestinians the way we would want to be treated. Then there will be no need for more settlements and security forces.
8. Need barriered bus stops concrete posts along sidewalks
9. Instead of eradicating the islamic cancer,
A ,   Belgium   (12.15.15)
King Bibi the Weak puts a bandage on it and expects the problem to be solved. Israel needs a NEW party to lead the people - The Amazon Party, led by Regev, Hotolevy and Shaked. The male leaders (I am a man) are obvious failures.
10. Govt needs to go on the offense against terror
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (12.15.15)
Measure like these give in to terrorists. It's time for the government to stop waiting for terrorist attacks to happen and start going on the offensive by increasing surveillance, arresting terrorists and closing the road to villages that are known hotbeds of terrorism such as Dura. Even before the wave of terrorism, Arabs were a danger on the road because of reckless driving that caused many accidents & deaths. Driving is a privilege, not a right.
11. You're getting the live you deserve.
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